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South Holland web design – truly local 1024 355 Editor

South Holland web design – truly local

So where in Lincolnshire is 79DESIGN?  We are in South Holland, commonly known as South Lincolnshire.

We began here in South Holland too, and we love this town, Spalding.  It’s a fine place to be.  Lots of local businesses, growing businesses, from retail shops to takeaways, hair and beauty establishments, to schools and learning establishments too.

A growing reputation in South Holland

We have a growing reputation for the quality of our work, speed of our support response, and friendly supportive attitude to all customers.  Sometimes we like to meet in the evening, away from work so we can freely chat, perhaps at the Ivy Wall, Wetherspoons in Spalding.

number one web designer in south holland

If you Google ‘Web Designer Spalding’, or even as we discovered recently, “design spalding”, 79DESIGN is ranked number one.  We feel extremely proud of that.  We have worked hard on this status.

South Holland is a lovely part of Lincolnshire.  It might be the flattest part of the country, but it’s very pretty, and with a growing community, more businesses and folk are looking to have brilliant new websites created, or to have their dull websites turned into some of which they can feel proud.

For more information about South Holland, and if you are not a local, click here for Wiki in South Holland.

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First week of 2016 1024 425 Editor

First week of 2016

Well that’s it, our first week of 2016 is complete.  It’s been one where we started out running, and haven’t stopped.

Some exciting new websites happening.  Brilliant functions, some custom tools, some simpler ones.  Learning new things, and developing to make clients happy, and with any luck, really impressed.

We do consider our service to be second to none, with speed of service, friendliness, and how we actually work.  Although we do work 9-5.30, we are generally available at most times.  And often, when we are doing something new, we try to pull out all the stops, where we can of course!

“Crikey that was quick…”

Some jobs are so straight forward that they can be done inside 5-10 mins, and we are honest to tell you that it took only that amount of time.  We believe that honesty is what makes us different to others.  When told “crikey that was quick”, it’s because the job to be done, wasn’t difficult in the slightest, and took just a few minutes.

Let’s hope 2016 continues in this positive way.  From global websites, European websites, national UK websites, and closer to home with Spalding websites.  We really are starting 2016 the way the London Fireworks did on 31 December, brilliantly, inspired, and with a bang!

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Social Media Management Spalding and Holbeach 1024 419 Editor

Social Media Management Spalding and Holbeach

One of 79DESIGN’s key functions is to manage your social media.  So being based where we are, we run Social Media Management Spalding and Holbeach, among other places.

This includes Blog Management, which we cover on this part of our main website.

This means we are local to you, and can help you with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and WordPress systems.

Social Media Management need not be a headache

You send to us what you want posting, and we will take care of the rest.  If you have a photo, but it needs cropping or editing first, we can manage that for you as well.  We will ensure your business in Spalding, Holbeach and further afield is taken care of in all Social Media channels.

It’s what we do!

Have a look at our Social Media Management page on the web site.