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New Towns of South Holland App 1024 451 Editor

New Towns of South Holland App

In the past month, South Holland Council has had an App developed for Android, iOS and others, to help the development of local businesses, and to help local residents find services – the Towns of South Holland App.

It’s free to download and free to update.  Just search in your App Store “Towns of South Holland”.

Towns of South Holland icon

Towns of South Holland icon see in App Store

We are pleased to say that following helpful support from Jayne, we are now included in this App, under Spalding > Services > Web Designers.  Our telephone number, information and link to our website are all included.  With excellent help from Jayne in the South Holland Council offices, we are extremely happy to be included in this project.  It’s great for the area, and for those looking for services like ours, we are really pleased.

When you first download the app, you open it and you see this screen for a brief moment.  It then opens to a menu where you can view by town, or A-Z.  It’s really smart.  There will be more developments on it in the future.

How Towns of South Holland looks

You can find more details on this app on the South Holland Council website:

This page has quotes from those involved as well.


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South Holland web design – truly local 1024 355 Editor

South Holland web design – truly local

So where in Lincolnshire is 79DESIGN?  We are in South Holland, commonly known as South Lincolnshire.

We began here in South Holland too, and we love this town, Spalding.  It’s a fine place to be.  Lots of local businesses, growing businesses, from retail shops to takeaways, hair and beauty establishments, to schools and learning establishments too.

A growing reputation in South Holland

We have a growing reputation for the quality of our work, speed of our support response, and friendly supportive attitude to all customers.  Sometimes we like to meet in the evening, away from work so we can freely chat, perhaps at the Ivy Wall, Wetherspoons in Spalding.

number one web designer in south holland

If you Google ‘Web Designer Spalding’, or even as we discovered recently, “design spalding”, 79DESIGN is ranked number one.  We feel extremely proud of that.  We have worked hard on this status.

South Holland is a lovely part of Lincolnshire.  It might be the flattest part of the country, but it’s very pretty, and with a growing community, more businesses and folk are looking to have brilliant new websites created, or to have their dull websites turned into some of which they can feel proud.

For more information about South Holland, and if you are not a local, click here for Wiki in South Holland.