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Responsive Web Sites – as they should be built 150 150 Editor

Responsive Web Sites – as they should be built

At 79DESIGN we are always developmenting better ways to make a responsive web site on mobile, appear even better.

Even now, design companies build web sites that are not great on desktop, and on mobile they are even worse, because there are been little or no foresight into the users who will see these sites, leading customers to “pinch-zoom” each page.

We work differently. We build a web site so that it is responsive, so that it expands and contracts and shows off the menu and imagery at it’s best, no matter what device it’s viewed on.

Even now, we meet people who say their site is ok, but when we show them a responsive site, they say “goodness, I can read that”. This is how it should be. 79DESIGN builds web sites how they should be built.

We support you during and after completion.