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It’s easy to transfer your blog to WordPress 1024 590 Editor

It’s easy to transfer your blog to WordPress

A lot of websites now aren’t performing so well, or the connectivity with social media is just not there.  Some blog systems are not terribly mobile responsive, so Google and other search engines just slap them on the wrist!

Migrate your website to WordPress

Help is here – we can transfer your website to our WordPress platform, host it, maintain your email systems, and migrate your blog posts and media over to the platform.

transfer blog to wordpressEach website system has a different way of doing it, but this is usually down to an Export File, and using our WordPress tools to import the website to our services.

Fast website transfer to WordPress

It usually takes a matter of hours, though we do have to create your website design within the WordPress system.

If you want to transfer your Blogger website, Weebly, Livejournal, Typepad or Tumblr to WordPress, drop us a line.  We are here to help, and make the process pain-free.

Visit our Migration to WordPress page today, and we can start work for you.