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Managing your Facebook, Twitter and Google Posts and Messages

79DESIGN can provide social media marketing and management services for your company or brand; these include Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Google Plus and Linkedin. We take your news stories and convert them into an article to be sent out to your followers online. These articles on your social channels can include photographs from events, new products, new services and many other sources.


Updating your cover and avatar imagery, 'Tweeting' and managing your Messages to help you manage your social business effectively.


Updating your cover and avatar imagery, submitting to Facebook standalone or via your website's Blog, and managing Inbox messages for you.


Keeping images and business up to date, ensure Google Plus is used to aid better ranking, and content posted via your website and standalone.


Linking your website to LinkedIn to submit news articles automatically, as well as monthly articles direct to LinkedIn Wall.


Submitting regular Instagram post, to entice users in, using appropriate hashtags to gain new followers and readers to your profile.

Share your business with everyone!

Share Content

Helps customers find your products and services much easier on social media.

Increase Traffic

Links back to your website increases traffic, and targetted page views.

Target Users

Target your audience, so only spend promos on those who will be looking for it.

Generate Leads

Leads coming to you view social media and word-of-mouth content sharing.

Hash Tag your Business Marketing

hash tag marketng

Tag and Hashtag Marketing

Using Hashtags is one of the biggest things in social media. Virtually every live, interactive television programme uses them, and we know how they can help promote your business through clever marketing. Using these tags is very clever; each 'tag' is designed to help people find content online that is relative to them.

We can Tweet for you

If you want to send out broadcasts on Twitter, or submit Facebook posts on your Page, we can manage that. We can also tailor your Twitter page to your brand colours with images too.

Facebook Posts and Messaging

We can monitor your Facebook page and respond to messages, directly customer to ring you, or reply if the answer is straight forward. We can also submit Posts, and reply in comments to posts on your wall - replies are sent from your business.

Monthly Packages tailored to you

Each customer is different. One company might want five Tweets or Facebook posts per month, another might was 30. So each package is perfectly tailored to you.

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