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Optimised. Editable.

A WordPress Website Design transforms businesses… we have created a great many successful websites with WordPress, with fast customer service, and genius SEO.

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Wordpress Designer
Effective & Affordable

So good, you can edit it yourself...

Wordpress websites are editable by most people.  If you can use Word, you can use the editable features in WordPress.  From news articles to pages.

Makes your life so much better online.

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“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed.”
Steve Jobs

For all devices

Automatically responsive, for all shapes and sizes of devices, naturally.

Get Creative

A WordPress Website can be designed to practically any look and feel, for any brand or business,

Socially Interactive

Share content on social media, with instant reactions from readers

Secure Hosting

Trust our security for amazing lockdown on your hosting – your business or brand, protected.'s in the details

The finer details of WordPress, the themes available, and the plugins, make it the go to platform for us every time as a WordPress Designer agency.

  • Responsive
  • Easy to edit
  • Adaptable to most businesses

We make it happen, with WordPress.

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Totally Responsive.

We create WordPress Website Designs that are fully responsive for all devices.  When this is done correctly, it can be beautifully designed and laid out and make wonderful Ecommerce websites with the best SEO.

The WordPress Designers

We are specialists with WordPress.  Contact us today about your project, and let’s see what magic we can do for you.

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“Most of our work now is in WordPress Website Design – you are in fact looking at a WordPress Website now – ours.  I personally love using it.  It’s helped us develop new styles, new ideas which would have once taken months to build, now days takes. It gives me great confidence in modern design, and our client’s confidence in their online business.”


Director, 79DESIGN


Wordpress Designer service
Ordinary, to the extraordinary.

Bespoke WordPress Design

We can make any two WordPress Website Designs look completely different, with bespoke WordPress coding design, to turn a bright and colourful website, into a “mean and moody” dark appearance.  Take knowledge and knowhow – which we have here at 79DESIGN.

Blogs and WordPress Websites

We use WordPress for most of our websites. There was a time when it was just for Blogs and had just a handful of designs, but now it is down to the creativity of the designer.  It gives us the greatest scope for your business.


Client Page views over 10 years.


Projects delivered on time


Websites in WordPress by us.


Responsive Google-Friendly websites

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When we use WordPress for your website, we have huge ability to use creative thinking to get it perfect.  To create you a WordPress Website Design that is amazing for you and your business.

SEO Optimised

Edit it yourself

Socially Connected

Hosted & Supported

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Socially Connected.

Wordpress Website Design can connect you with your social media platforms!  It automatically links to your channels for new Blog Articles.

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UK WordPress Website Support

Your WordPress website will be made cost effectively, and we can teach you how to use it to make your own edits.  We do offer monthly support to ensure your content remains amazing, and everything looks spot on!
High level WordPress Support is here all the way.  We can run your website for you, adding new content, upgrading and working on SEO – or we can simply support you in your work on your website.