Wordpress SEO
making your WordPress website more effective

Creating a website with WordPress is great fun, but can be challenge.  We are here to help improve your WordPress SEO on your website.  Using the right tools, with the right knowledge, to raise the game – and the ranking – of your website’s keywords.

Don’t just make a website – do it right, with the right WordPress SEO!

Giving you more confidence in your website's role in the business

SEO Yoast and other possibilities!

Making your WordPress website stand out and be found.

WordPress is a truly amazing platform on which to build and run your website, but if the SEO is not right, it will never rank terribly well.

We are here to use the right tools, and the right experience to make it work for your business.

Fixing your WordPress SEO issues

We are here to go through your site, and rapidly fix any issues with missing image code, missing titles, and adding new content.  WordPress SEO Yoast is a great tool for this, but without the knowledge of “dos and don’ts”, it can be made fatal as well.

We will fix everything on your site, not just the homepage.  Even the smallest issue can be a “slap on the wrist” from Google and cause your site to rank poorly.


“They took our site on from a previous company, and now it getting hits when it never use to, and sales at times we never had sales.  Really very impressed with 79DESIGN.  Very helpful, very patient.  Joanna, Elton, Peterborough.”

Just a few of our clients' comments