Migrate your website to WordPress with ease

We can easily migrate your Blogger, Weebly, Livejournal, Tumblr or Typepad website into our WordPress platform.

Better systems, improved SEO and social media connectivity.


Wordpress is coming synonymous with amazing websites, social media connectivity and brilliant SEO management.  To that end, more and more people are migrating their websites from Blogger, Live Journal, Tumblr and Typepad.

These systems are great, but many feel that WordPress is just far more superior, and since we are experts with WordPress, we are very happy to manage this transfer for you.


Let's migrate your website from one of these...

Migrating is relatively straight forward. It simply requires us to setup the hosting for you, connect with your website, and migrate it to our platform. Sound good?

blogger import to wordpress

Migration from Blogger to WordPress

With your details, we can create you a new WordPress Account, and transfer the data from your Blogger website, to a new WordPress system.

typepad import to wordpress

Transfer from Livejournal to WordPress

Using the migration and transfer tools, we can move your Livejournal information (images text and so on) to WordPress and have an amazing new Blog.

livejournal import to wordpress

Migrating Typepad to WordPress

This is rather straight forward – we just need to access your site, use the Export Tools, then create you a new hosting account on our servers, and import it into our system.  Genius.

tumblr import to wordpress

Migrating Tumblr to WordPress

Like the above, using various tools and access, we can copy your site from Tumblr to WordPress, with far superior tools and SEO capabilities for you.

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Transfer from Weebly to WordPress

We make it so super easy to transfer a website from Weebly to WordPress.  We have tools that mean it can be basically completed in a matter of hours – then we use your original design to create the look at feel in WordPress.  Once completed, we can get your SEO right up to date!

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