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Websites on Finance
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If you or your business needs a little more payment flexibility, we offer our website financing programs. With this website financing, we will break up the payments up to 10 months.

Our website financing is available with 5% interest over 6 months & 10% interest over a 10 month period, and it allows businesses to better manage cash flow, while remaining prepared for unavoidable or unexpected expenses.

websites on finance

Two Rates. One Decision.

6 Months

5% Interest

10 Months

10% Interest

In-house Website Financing

At 79DESIGN, we understand the value that a well-designed website has for a company. We know that your website can help your new or growing business to expand and attract new customers. Our in-house website financing allows small and growing businesses to take the important step towards the future. These website financing terms allow businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their business to the next level without breaking the bank.

Some Important Terms

We host your website

For us to have this website finance deal in place, we must be the host of your website.  If you have an existing website and wish to migrate it over, an redesigned under finance, we can arrange this (providing your website is WordPress already).  We cannot provide website financing when we are not hosting the website.

What if I cannot pay before the end of the period?

In this scenario, your website will be taken down within 7 days of non-payment.  This includes your emails if we are hosting those too.

What happens at the end of the payment period?

You will continue to pay, but on a reduced rate, be it for SEO support, or just hosting and a pre-determined price.

What access rights will I have to my website?

You will be given full access to add media, Posts, Pages and Products.  But not plugins or FTP access to the server.  This is all for reasons of safety and security.

Is there a minimum initial cost?

Yes there is.  This is valid only for websites where the ‘total cost’ (including hosting and SEO packages) is over £700.  If the price is below that, we ask for a retainer to start work, and the final value when the website goes live.  That said, we can split this cost in THREE if you require.

Is this for websites only?

Yes.  The Finance Packages are available only for new websites.  Not for support packages, as they tend to be monthly accounts anyway.