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Cloudflare is a globally recognised leader in security for your website.  It has many features available to it, from those that are wholly free, to others that will cost more, depending on the security levels you need.  Either way, we can route your website through Cloudflare with ease, and many of our websites use this service.

If you receive bad traffic from ‘unusual sources’, or you need to route part of your traffic in one directly, and other traffic (like your website) to another – Cloudflare’s DNS services makes this process really quite easy.

This is why we have used it on many websites, where their existing setup is somewhat complicated.

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Increased Web Security

Cloudflare has globally recognised DNS security settings

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Website Attack Prevention

By secure your site, the DNS and your IP, it prevents hardcore attacks on your website.

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Optimising Services

CloudFlare Optimizer is used to optimize your website by minimizing network connections.

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DNS uptime

With the global Anycast network powering its DNS, CloudFlare makes sure your website is available to anyone in the world

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UK Performance Website Hosting

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