Our Support Videos

Below are a few videos we have recently created for you, to help understand a few hints and tips, as well as website support and management we can provide you. Each video is hosted on YouTube, where you can comment if you wish, and subscribe. We will be adding more videos, but if there is a particular one you would like creating, about a specific website related subject do please get in touch.

Introduction to 79DESIGN

Just a brief video introducing ourselves.  Visit our Homepage to make a positive start to your Website Designer project.

Free Website Healthcheck

How do we check your websites health, how do you contact us and what we do for you.  Hope you enjoy.
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Social Media Management

A brief video explaining how we can help with your Social Media, from setup, to design, and broadcasting from your website or blog to your Social Media Channels
Related to this website page on Social Media Management.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Our Search Engine Optimisation services provide in-depth changes to your website, and monthly management to help improve it’s position on Google, and raise your overall profile.

Related to this website page on Search Engine Optimisation.