Just BB Guns Ireland

Airsoft Guns in Ireland

A collaboration with Visual Shop Ltd

This website is one we manage and support with business associate Visual Shop Ltd.

Following the massive success of Just BB Guns UK, we were asked to create Just BB Guns Ireland.  At the time this was a bespoke website design, not WordPress.  So we took the core workings of the original Just BB Guns website, and turned a copy into Ireland and recoded a lot of it to work on that platform.

We also had to do some very fancy custom buttons: they wanted to be able to “send” a product from the UK website to the Ireland website, avoiding the need of recreating it all.

We figured out how best to do this, and achieved it.  We also built a tool that showed on the UK site, what other websites they had made, and what their status was.  So for example, you could go to the UK site and see that in Ireland, three products from UK were missing, and 2 were out of stock.

Really clever and really powerful – and we built it from scratch – plugins were harmed during the making of that website! (or used).

The website had some many tools on it, including a way to see from Ireland, what was on the UK and not on Ireland (what we did for UK in reverse).

After the success of the UK site move to WordPress, we did the same for Ireland.  It was a big job as the URLs were all different (better, but different).  So we had to have a pile of ‘301’ codes to point Google to the new URLs.

The site is still running well today, and very popular.  We help support with the Website Hosting, management of the website, and custom tools.

Update 2019: This website is no longer active, and forms part of the main www.justbbguns.co.uk group, which we continue to support at great length.