Julie Hodgson Nutrition

Nutritional Expert Online

Some time ago, Julie approached us about moving her website form Weebly to WordPress.  We looked into it but it was something she was considering.

A while on, a few weeks ago she raised a website audit with us, and we spoke with her.  She very kindly remembered us from before, and a plan was set in place to move her website from Weebly to WordPress.

It’s a fairly straight forward process, though one that needs WordPress work, as Weebly comes with a lot of baggage – by that we mean extra code!  Highly unnecessary code.  So we rebuilt main of the pages so they looked better, sorted out the SEO and worked on the design to be as matching to Weebly version as possible.

The results are great.  We now continue to work with Julie on her website Julie Hodgson Nutrition.