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Spalding, Lincolnshire
facebook spotted directory website

We were asked quite some time ago to develop a website that combined all the Facebook Spotted Directory pages on… yep… Facebook.

The idea was for it to be a ‘Directory’ of all the various Spotted pages around the UK.

It was a completely bespoke website and thus far has attracted over 230,000 online sessions, which is remarkable.  It was built from the ground up, and while the social media side of it is no longer really managed by their team, we continue to host and support this platform.

You can visit the website on the link below.  And if you own a Facebook Spotted page, and yours is not listed, fill out the form on the website to have it manage – and the ‘Premier’ side of this platform is, if you own it, you can EARN from it.  You can link from your Facebook Spotted page, back to your own FB Spotted account, where you can add banners and advertising for your clients.


Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire

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