Our Story

From our creation in 2009, this is the story of 79DESIGN.


February 8

Friends with Jimmy Cricket

timeline jimmy cricket

Earlier in 2017 we started working for Jimmy Cricket.  He is frankly unknown to some of the younger generations.  But to many, if not most, he is a comedian that was all over the television in the late 70s and across the 80s.  Following the sad passing of one of his friends, almost by accident we because his website design company.  We fixed problems on his website, and to this day, we are very close friends with him and his wife May, enjoying his shows, lunches, and May’s own soup!

June 12

First WordPress Training Course

This was a lovely job for us – our first Onsite WordPress Training course we provided was to Lincoln University.  Initially it was one on one, but it turned out to be two groups of eight.  A big day, and very enjoyable (and yes, tiring).  They need to learn the basics of WordPress.  Some were brand new to it, some knew a bit, so we had to go slow and steady with some, but not so much with others.

July 3

Major Website moves to WordPress

In June of 2017 we had discussions with an SEO company and the client about the possibility of moving their website to WordPress.  In July, it happened.  We began work on the development.  It was a major upheaval but a very exciting time.  We knew if this would work, it would be rolled out on multiple WordPress websites.

September 20

Ireland website gets the WordPress treatment

Following a success migration of a client’s UK website, we started work on their Ireland version (with a .ie domain name).  Product transfers, widget setups, designs based on the UK style.  It wasn’t as big a job as the UK one, as we now knew the processes to go through.  But still a challenge, and one that worked very well and great to use our WordPress services for this client.

January 10

Working for Supermarket Supply Chain company

This was the start of a special time for 79DESIGN.  We were asked to work on the website and SEO for a company in Lincolnshire that provides all manner of foods to supermarkets, restaurants and others.  They were also the company behind some relatively famous “branded” squeezy tube products!  We were super happy.

June 13

Researcher hires us for massive task

A local researcher who is from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire contacted us asking for her website to be rebuilt from scratch.  She had one, but it was very ‘old school’.  We met her at home, at which point her domain was purchased, and days later, we started the job.  What went from a small site, now has a vast collection of research documents on it about the government, pensions, and the sick.  For more details, please visit her Portfolio Page on this website.  We continue to update and support her project.

August 20

More and more go on WordPress

As we developed more websites with WordPress, people saw this happening and decided they needed the same benefits it would bring.  Over 2018 and 2019 we created a vast array of WordPress websites, for clothing stores, vaping stores, and even a fisheries business in Berkshire.  Word is catching  on… or rather, WordPress.

October 22

Lincolnshire County Council hires us

Some jobs are big, some are small.  We love them all.  But when Lincolnshire County Council hires us for a day of WordPress Training, we jumped at the chance.  This was provided at their head office in Lincoln, where they kindly provided lunch on a rather unseasonably warm day.  Walking around their tables to train two of their staff how to use WordPress more effectively for part of the Council run website.

February 15

More WordPress Training requests

February and March of 2019 saw more WordPress Training requests, from a big Academy school in Lincoln, a local charity just outside Spalding, and a security near Boston.  As more websites are created on WordPress, the owners want more control and to understand their systems more.  As such, they have called up 79DESIGN to bring that assistance to them.

April 13

Jimmy gets a revamp

Our friend Jimmy Cricket had ideas of a new design for his website, and of course we jumped at the chance as the site we were managing, wasn’t one that we had built.  But within a month of his request we had done it.  A new, far more responsive website, with improved tools for his team to update.  It looks so much better, and we met up with Jimmy and co shortly after to celebrate.

July 10

Flowers and Vegan

In July we got a few enquiries through from companies wanting ecommerce websites, one for a Flower Import business who wanted a rebrand, and one from a Vegan business who needed Training at first, but then their website rebuilding.

We did all these tasks, and continue to support and host their ‘plant based’ websites.

July 17

We head to Nottingham and Sheffield

Our skills were hired by a company that has offices in both Nottingham and Sheffield.  They wanted us to start looking at their SEO as they had issues.  After initial checks, it was mostly down to ‘old code’ but this wasn’t something we could initially fix as they had WordPress as well as custom code.  We developed a strong relationship with them, and today we have an all-new WordPress website for them, providing far better SEO services now, and hosted on our platform!

September 2

Our 10th Birthday

This was a date that nearly slipped us by, but we noticed it on the day when someone mentioned how long we had been going.  This was 10 years since we were an official Limited Company, and boy have we done a lot in that time.  And still going strong, providing amazing services to very decent people.

September 10

Support and SEO for National Magazine

We were put in contact with a magazine related to Construction up in North Lincolnshire.  They had SEO issues, as well as many other problems.  We worked very closely with them to arrange a ‘play area’ to look at new things we could do for this website that attracts over 500,000 hits a month.  Very exciting job to take on.

October 15

Lots of Logos

logo design

In mid-late 2019 we started getting more enquiries through, solely for logo design.  Enquiries from Equestrian businesses, Courier firms, and a Kindergartens in Peterborough.  All bespoke logos perfect for their businesses.