Our Story

From our creation in 2009, this is the story of 79DESIGN.


May 22

New Support Tool Created

79DESIGN is hired to create a fully bespoke Online Support Tool for two websites.  The tool would be able to switch between the two site’s incoming messages.  There would be admin levels, as well as Staff levels and Customer levels.

As the platform developed, we built Canned Replies, with the means for Staff to add more Canned Replies, and it was latter on turned into a Mobile Version of this tool.  This tool could easily add more websites too it, for further support across the company’s Group of websites.

June 20

Language conversion for Custom Support Tool

Back in 2013ish, we created a new Support Ticket System for one of our clients.  They had websites in Ireland, UK, Germany and the USA.  Junk Mail was a problem, so we had the idea of creating a Support Ticket system.  These days, there are plugins for CMS to do this, but not then.  So we built one from scratch.  In June 2014 however it was decided to include other countries in this Support Tool, so you could select ‘Germany’ from a dropdown list, and all the options for the customer would be in German.  Every single word had to be checked, and updated on the tool – and it had to ‘remember’ the country you had selected.

Again, sounds simple today with various tools, but we had to build one, from scratch.  It was genius.  We still have the code!

November 13

German website Language conversion

More language work for a client who had multiple websites.  The German one was created, and we had to write bespoke code for admin side to add and edit every word that was shown on screen, such as ‘home’ being turned into the German version.  And allow the use to put it in English too.  Quite a challenge on a large ecommerce website.  We eventually did this for Spanish, French and Italian websites too.

March 5

Custom Promotion Tools

In our early years (let’s say up to 2014/15) we were working on a lot of eCommerce websites, and some needed promotional tools.  So we developed bespoke tools for banners, so the client can upload them, and edit the content, text, links etc, and then publish them.  Or, Schedule them for publishing.  So if you wanted to post a Promo for New Years Day, they could with our tool.  Very smart.  And used on about 9 of their websites.

June 10

First Multi-Site Servers

As we became more and more busy, it turned out to be bad in finances to have multiple hosting accounts – it was time for a multi account server!  The dawn of our new hosting services………. began!

August 20

Our first bespoke Booking Tool

Before the days of WordPress for us, we were asked to develop a new Booking Tool for clients visiting an Airsoft Skirmish event centre.  They would register, enter their details, select the date, and attend.  Nowadays you do it with plugins in WordPress (or other CMS), but then, we wrote one from scratch.  It worked a treat – our first even Booking Tool.

September 20

Local Recruitment Business hires us

This was the date we built a brand new, totally bespoke, recruitment platform for a jobs organisation in Holbeach, Lincolnshire.  They knew what they wanted, giving us all the specifics.  After agreement, we went away and built the website for them.  Brilliant admin side, and simple front end.  It was a major thing for us, and we enjoyed many years working for this company.  Steve if you are reading this, all the best to you.

November 25

Website for Window Cleaner

Word spread about our website design business more and more, and one day we had a call from a local Window Cleaner wanting a website, with a few extra special features.  We were by then creating WordPress websites, so it didn’t take long to build this one for them.  This company is now used throughout Spalding and the wider area, and flourishing to this day.

January 22

79DESIGN moves to WordPress

79design wordpress

January 2016 is a special day for us – it was when we first moved our own website over to WordPress.  After so much success from our other sites using this platform, it was something we couldn’t resist doing.  We had a lot of pages to redesign in WordPress, but over the course of many months we did it.  Never looked back!

February 26

First USA Website

usa flag
One of our clients sells Airsoft BB Guns, and their wholesaler had the means to start selling in the USA, so we setup hosting in the USA for a new website for that business.  They were based in Dallas, Texas.  The site took the same template we built for the UK site, and was remodelled a little for USA wording and monetry styling.  That website is still running today.

April 4

The Website that hit the Papers!

One of our clients, Trish, contacted us about using Blogger for her Travel Blog website, and wanting to move it to WordPress.  We of course took on the challenge and within a week, her website was on WordPress.  She also worked for a local newspaper, and still up in our office is the article she wrote.  She now attracts a huge audience on her website, and we are so pleased to be supporting and hosting it for her.  https://www.mumsgoneto.co.uk.

April 20

Even Shorter URLs…

SEO was starting to kick in more for websites and a key thing then was shorter URLs.
We had already written tools to shorten, but we now needed to go further.  Rather than IDs of categories, it had to be purely down to the name of the category, and the product, for it to check the database and locate the information.  It was a total overhaul in how multiple pages on multiple websites would work.  But it did.  It was brilliant.

June 15

Real Estate Company Hires Us

real estate websites

We were put in touch with a real estate company by one of our clients, as they were building some very exclusive homes up near Lincoln.  We went to see them, and after initial conversations about the ‘classy’ feel it had to have, we built this as a Custom Website, as WordPress couldn’t yet cope with the type of things we needed for it.  It did however have to be responsive – and not “mobile version”, so this set a challenge for us, and we did it brilliantly.  The site is still going to this day.

September 21

New SEO tools for Bespoke Sites

As SEO was getting more and more into our technological lives, we had to adapt.  So we started to build tools that means we could edit certain areas of code on websites, without physically opening each page.  A kind of ‘bulk too’, meaning you can view lots of information on lots of pages, at a glance – and change them.  Meta Tags for example.

Yoast SEO does this now with superb ease.  We built exactly this kind of tool in 2016.

December 16

Major Vegetable Company hires us

greencell truck

A company here in Spalding contacted us about their website back in 2016.  It was using Java and had dropped on Google in a very bad way.  After a visit and quotation, we got the job and within 3 months of our new site for them, they shot up Google and remain at the top of the tree for their product.  We continue to support them to this day.  Read their story here.