Lincolnshire apple MacBook support

Lincolnshire MacBook Support: Local Apple Mac Training

Supporting the local community with Apple devices

iCloud Storage

Understand the storage system

Optimising the windows

Adjusting window sizes and closing them

Controlling Photos

Using Photos app, and syncing with phone/tablet

Bluetooth/wifi connectivity

Connecting to wifi and iPhone hotspots

Local MacBook Support – Apple Mac home support

An Apple Mac or MacBook is a brilliant device.  It’s lightweight and among the most popular of ‘laptops’ and desktop units on the market.  They can be purchased from Apple’s website.  We are here to support you in using one – as if you are not familiar, they can be a daunting device to use, particularly if you are mostly a Windows user.

The Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are all similar, but have their own difference.  While a MacBook Air is very light weight and more plastic, the Pro is more metallic but very fast.  We can support you I using the filing system, iCloud, Office 365 and much more.

Apple Mac Support Costs

First Hour


  • One off first hour charge
Every 30 mins after


  • Every 30 mins thereafter

How much is it?

For Home Computer Support, we charge £30 for the first hour, and £10 per hour thereafter.
We feel this is a unique and very fair way of charging.

What if I am not local to Spalding?

If you live more than 20 minutes from Spalding, there will be an additional fee to cover fuel.  It will be nominal, and available on request when we know your location.

Got a quick burning question?

Click on our livechat at the bottom right of the screen, and you can chat live with us – it’s free, and no cameras are used. Purely to see if we can help quickly, and then perhaps a visit is needed.

Learn how to use Apple Email App, or Outlook on Office 365 for Mac

Emailing is one of the main things people do on their computers and laptops. If you are a little unsure about it, we can teach you how to compose, reply, forward, and even Copy and Blind Copy (cc & bcc) your emails. Attaching your files, locating your files, and even printing emails.

Anti Virus Software: which is best?

We generally advise on software we have used and found to be reliable. When it comes to anti virus, Apple has built in software for this so further upgrades are not needed. However, if you are concerned, or you have some emails you are worried about, ALWAYS get in touch.  Ask us.  We can check for you.

What we don’t do …

We are not specialists in fixing your computer if you have a virus. These are handled by specialist IT people who can access areas of your machine and investgate the cause behind such a problem. Our specialism is in training – teaching you how to do things. We can often help fix issues with software, but we are not anti virus firewall support specialists.

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