Home Computer Support in Spalding, for Windows, Mac and Apple mobile devices

Providing Home Computer Support help you understand your computer, Tablet or Phone

79DESIGN has vast experience in many versions of Windows, from 95, which was considered more stable, through many variants, up to the current Windows 10. We use Macbooks inhouse to, and our experience in setting up email accounts, install apps, and how to get your printer setup, and straight forward, but can seem daunting.  This is how our Home Computer Support became a reality, and has proved very popular, as it’s informal, but hugely support onsite, and afterwards too.

Is my Antivirus sufficient, how do I install this software?

Installing software is straight forward, but if you haven’t done it, or are not too sure on the best way to do it, get in touch with us. Some software comes on Discs, but others are for download only – we can help you with all this. Our friendly, local support can visit you day or evening, at a time that suits you.

Skype Support Spalding

If you have Skype or not, we can help you setup a Microsoft Outlook email account, and then install Skype and test it against another Skype account. Then you can chat and maybe view on video, your friends and relatives.

Help using & setting up Facetime

Facetime is on all Apple devices. Learn how to set it up, answer and close a call. Even make a call. How to spin the camera around to show friends and family where you are in the World. It’s great fun, and over wifi, it’s free.

How to get that home computer support

Landline: 01733 641079

Available 9am-5.30pm

Mobile: 07521 488074

Available 9am-late

Home PC Support Costs

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  • One off first hour charge
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  • Every 30 mins thereafter

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How much is it?

For Home Computer Support, we charge £30 for the first hour, and £15 per hour thereafter.
We feel this is a unique and very fair way of charging.

Got a quick burning question?

Click on our livechat at the bottom right of the screen, and you can chat live with us about your home computer support issues – it’s free, and no cameras are used. Purely to see if we can help quickly, and then perhaps a visit is needed.

Learn how to use Email on Windows Mail and Outlook

Emailing is one of the main things people do on their computers and laptops. If you are a little unsure about it, we can teach you how to compose, reply, forward, and even Copy and Blind Copy (cc & bcc) your emails. Attaching your files, locating your files, and even printing emails.

Do you want to Skype or Facetime?

With people living apart, but with very easy access to the Internet, we can help you create an Skype/Microsoft account, install Skype and get it working. Advise on a webcam if you don’t have one, install it and get you talking… and seeing!  Just get in touch with us here, to enquire about our friendly Home Computer Support service.

Anti Virus Software: which is best?

We generally advise on software we have used and found to be reliable. Software that we feel is at the best cost, and doesn’t “drain” your computer’s system too much. We can also install it for you.

What we don’t do …

We are not specialists in fixing your computer if you have a virus. These are handled by specialist IT people who can access areas of your machine and investgate the cause behind such a problem. Our specialism is in training – teaching you how to do things. We can often help fix issues with software, but we are not anti virus firewall support specialists.

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