• 26th November 2015

Template websites – good or bad

Template websites – good or bad

Template websites – good or bad 1024 356 Editor

There are options out there to have template websites made using various companies; from free options to monthly paid.  It tends to mean you are given a package to then upload your pages, upload your logo, add your text, add your layout; you basically do it yourself, with no help from a designer.

It’s sometimes considered a cheaper option, but here’s why, from a designers point of view, and particularly a view of “if you want to rise up Googles ranks”, it might not be the best option to take.

We are not here to dig – just to express some drawbacks of template websites

We are all here to serve people and to design the very best web sites we can.  But with some systems, if you opt for the cheaper packages, you have to do everything yourself.

Here is one example of what is actually bad, and we have SEEN to be bad – the technically titled “H1 Tag” (read more about H1 here).  This is seen in the code as <h1>hello</h1>, but on web site pages where you build them, they are seen more commonly in the editing menu, “Header 1” or “Heading 1”.

A web page should NEVER have more than one used.  Why?  Because it’s the Title to the page: If Google etc sees more than one title, it will be terribly confused, and your site will be “punished” for over using that tag.

To quote the website linked above: “<h1> defines the most important heading. <h6> defines the least important heading.

We have witnessed sites made on this alternative system where there have been ELEVEN – including one used for the phone number!  Then there is the responsive layout.  A responsive website should be one that looks terrific on a desktop PC, but the colour, branding and style should continue into the mobile view; not just in the menu styling either.  We have seen sites that lose all colour on the page when viewed on a phone.  This is a complete lacking in any care and attention.

Finally there are the rather well known Meta Tags.  These are the hidden features of text seen by SEO crawlers, and with Keywords you are entering them yourself.  If you don’t know how to enter them, you can do it all wrong and make a mess of it.

Think of it like laying a carpet… yourself

We have had it described to us like laying a carpet  Pay someone to do it properly with care and attention, and it will be flawless.  Do it yourself with the tools in your shed, and the carpet will curl at the edges, be “grabbed” by a vacuum cleaner, and just not look right.  But with a professional fit, it will be snug and taught at the edges, and never move.  Something of which you are proud to own.


Imagine it’s the front of your shop

A website should be something you are truly, properly proud to own.  Not one you show to someone and say “yes, that’ll do us for now”.  This is your front door to customers.  If done wrong, they won’t find you anyway.  But if they do and it looks poor…… well who walks into a shop that looks tatty, with a naff, poorly designed logo, and things all over the place.  Not many!  Does not inspire confidence.

We inspire confidence.  People are exciting at the launch of a website.  The feel of the colours all blending together.  No one has the “ahh it’ll do” attititude.  If it will “do”, it’s not “done”.

If your web site is “done”, fantastic.  Be proud.  If it will “do”, get in touch.