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Rutland WordPress Training in Oakham 1024 482 Editor

Rutland WordPress Training in Oakham

We spent a splendid afternoon on Tuesday training someone who was pretty good with WordPress, though she had lost her way a little.  She had a few websites and booked us to head over to her location near Oakham to go through her various questions and concerns surrounding WordPress.

Unlike most WordPress Training companies who provide a set course – we go through the issues and questions the user has, and teach them what they want to know – not what we want to train them to use.

wordpress trainingOne on One Training

She contacted us as she needed some one-on-one training on how to do a little more advanced work, like custom CSS, SEO changes, and effective plugin use.  She had a list of things to go through, so one by one, we went thru each month to explain, or “do” what the comment was on her list.

A few key areas were in how to set rows of their particular theme to be full width.  Sadly this is not always possible.  Some themes are a little constricted to what it allows.  For example, we like to be able to add a row of say three columns.  plus content in each column, add our own amount of space between each column, and set the row to ‘full width’, so it goes virtually edge to edge on the screen.

Their theme (we shan’t mention brands or products here) didn’t allow this, or at least we could not see how to force it.  But we did show her how to use it in another way which would look possibly better.

Custom CSS in WordPress

Another area was in Custom CSS.  Most people who use WordPress websites create it with the theme, add their colours in the various Theme options, but there are times when the colour scheme does suit, such as background colours to sliders.  In this example she had black transparency, but needed it to be a dark green.  There was no option to do it, so we spent time showing her the HTML code, finding the right area, and working in theme’s custom CSS area to change it.  The final result looked very smart.

Working with someone like this is very rewarding.  They may get a little “oh my goodness, so much to learn”, but we hope they take some of it in to help them advance their knowledge in WordPress.

As we both agreed, it’s one thing to pick it up and build, it’s quite another to make it work correct, and get the SEO spot on.

If you are looking for some WordPress Training, pleaes visit our main website for details.

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lincolnshire onsite wordpress trainer
An Afternoon of Onsite WordPress Training 1024 542 Editor

An Afternoon of Onsite WordPress Training

This afternoon we provided our WordPress Training service to a local company here in Lincolnshire.  It was a great afternoon.  We met with Chloe (hi Chloe) who is a graphics specialist for this local corporation, and really knows her stuff.  But WordPress was not high on her skillset, so we were invited over there to provide support.

We had previously worked with a graduate for the company, also working on WordPress, and have since seen the website they have had made, and noticed issues.

So we are providing various services to them, along with today’s (Friday) booked training.  Having sat down and listened to understand her status with the system, we went through everything we felt was useful to them.

wordpress training

The excitement of WordPress’s capabilities

After some time, the excitement of what was possible with their photography to make the website REALLY pop became a possible reality.  We turned some sliders into a non-responsive system, to one that will be responsive, but we could both see the enormous potential of this website, and it’s other company websites too.

We hope this will happen, as it could be really exciting for this company to blow their customers away with something truly awesome.

A morning or afternoon onsite training

Our training tends to be provided in the morning or the afternoon – rarely an all day thing.  Though we have provided training to universities in split formats.  Today’s training was one-on-one for the afternoon.

If you would like Onsite WordPress Training, please visit our main training page for details.

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HTML – how much of it do you need to know? 1024 486 Editor

HTML – how much of it do you need to know?

HTML – or HyperText Markup Language has been around since the dawn of the Internet.  Even though languages and codes have moved on a lot since then, the output is still generally done in HTML.

WordPress outputs all code in HTML, but it can also have HTML code entered manually.  While you can do many simple things in WordPress, there are areas where you must know your HTML to be able to add certain features, edit features, or customise things that are definitely not within your WP Theme’s capabilities.

HTML – spacing images out

Let’s say for example you want to place one image next to the other – how do you do that while keeping a gap.  you could just add a spacebar, or add a left margin to the right image.

Let’s say you want to add an Anchor point down the page – clicking a link and it shoots you down the page to a specified position.  It’s not something you can do in WordPress – or at least, you cannot set the Anchor point in WordPress.  It has to be done in HTML.

Do you want to just understand the code that created this nice looking page, what is that <div> code, or the <img… code?  For those that care, and want to learn – that’s where we step in.

We can spend as little or as much time with you as you need.  One-on-one or in groups of up to around eight people at a time.  Any more, and a session would take too long, and wouldn’t fit enough in.  Though we can always try!

While we are based in Lincolnshire, and we can offer Lincolnshire HTML Training, we can also travel to Cambridgeshire, or even Norfolk.  We have been to Rutland as well, which is a lovely part of the area.  So give us a call, or visit our HTML Training page here on the website for lots more information.

So if you need some of the finest advice on HTML, where you can lead the way and tell us what you want to learn; or just let us lead you from the top of a page, down… we can go any which way you like!

university lincoln wordpress training
University of Lincoln WordPress 950 500 Editor

University of Lincoln WordPress

Just occasionally, you find yourself in a position of providing a service to a company or organisation, and you feel particularly proud to be working for them – this happened recently for us at 79DESIGN.

A few months back we had a communication from the University of Lincoln; they were looking for a WordPress Trainer to head over to Lincoln to teach some staff how to use WordPress.  There were some staff who knew very little, and some who knew nothing about WordPress.

We communicated with their Secretariat, Marina, and very pleased and proud to say they recruited us to go up to Lincoln to provide the service.

Larger Onsite WordPress Training Groups

Initially it was due to be one on one with Marina who contacted us, followed by an afternoon with a larger group.  This was changed a little, so that we could provide the training to even more people in the first session, which was far better for their staff.

The first session of Onsite Training went very well.  Teaching all the basic elements of WordPress Training, from Posts to Pages, from Media to Settings.  Everything that comes with the basic setup.

After a very well catered lunch, it was the turn of eight other colleagues, without Marina present.  After introductions, we began from the very start.

It was a very enjoyable time.  To quote Marina, they found it very interesting and “inspiring”.  We find this comment extremely positive, and thank them for their hospitality, and warm welcome to the University of Lincoln.

onsite wordpress training

Image above not taken directly from event.

For more information on Onsite WordPress Training, please click here.