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The Job of a Great Designer 1024 576 Editor

The Job of a Great Designer

A Website is a special and often a valuable thing; if it is created correctly, it will be one that your customers can browse with ease, on all devices, and one that either you can edit with ease, or be edited for you quickly and effectively.

This is the basics of the job for your website designer.

A Designer learns about your business

We need to learn about your company.  Sometimes this is easy as you may already have a website, but one that is performing badly; or you may have no website.

The job of a website designer is to take your branding style and turn it into something amazing; to impress you with the website.  We get many “wows’ and we love them.  From the simplest website for research purposes, to a full ecommerce website, where we do things with great pride and quality.  Sourcing fabulous photos to express what you do, or asking you for photos of your factory or store to bring the website alive.

We are also very keen to help you progress with social media.  Some folks are not bothered by it or don’t see the point.  We can manage your social media for you.  It’s part of what we do.  Setting up the various channels like Twitter and Facebook, and connected your website to it – as well as linking back.

Then we host your website.  A website hosting company should be one that is easily contactable, and where you are comfortable letting your content be managed by them, knowing it’s in safe hands.

successful website designer

A very successful day for 79DESIGN

It’s all in our amazing website service

We take massive pride in what we do; every new client is amazing for us.  Company Director, Simon says, “We develop a great relationship, and work with them to meet their needs perfectly.  We love it.  Sometimes it even feels so good, it’s like a hobby, but it’s a very serious business, as it’s your business.  You are trusting us to look after you – to host your business online.  To show you how to further develop it on your website.  Every day is amazing.”

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Fully Custom eCommerce Bundle Tool Created – easy to use 1024 483 Editor

Fully Custom eCommerce Bundle Tool Created – easy to use

Some of our clients use Custom website, as in, not built with WordPress or Shopify.

This is usually because their requirements are so specific and frankly, unique, that a WordPress website would struggle to meet their demands.

One of the pains in their life is creating Bundles: a group of products for which they can assign a discount.  The trouble was, it was always written as part of the overall Products system, so they appeared within Products.  This meant each product page had to first check if the product in question is a bundle or not, and then handle that.

We wrote all that, but have since overhauled it.

The other issue was the process for admins to create a bundle was rather long winded, and we didn’t offer a good method to Edit a bundle.

bundle ecommerce websites

The ECommerce Bundle system has radically changed

The admins can now create a bundle in under 5 minutes.  Entering the product codes, clicking Save to show each product, including it’s image, price etc, and then clicking Create, to make it live.  It’s really that quick!

They then see a list of all Bundles in the system.  They can Edit, Delete, Pause, or just change the percentage discount in three simple clicks.

On the product page, it works very similar to Amazon and Shopify.  If the product the consumer is on, is set as the first item in a bundle, the special offer bundle will be shown on that page below the product’s description.  So if the item is £50.00, then the bundle will show that image, with the reduced price, along with other items in the bundle, and the means to Buy Bundle.

If they want to see details of each item in the Bundle, they just click the image which opens it in a new tab, while not losing the original page – and hopefully not losing the sale!

It’s extremely easy to use.  Very nice user-interface (which we think is important), so it’s a pleasure to be in that part of the admin area.  On the product page it in fact uses LESS resources now, as we have stripped out all the old ‘bundle’ code which was a bit slow and dated.  This is a third the amount of code, and queries a new database table as well.

The owner of the website is extremely impressed.  Doubtless they will have tweaks or “it would be really good if we could…..” suggestions.  We love those.

Funnily enough, as we were writing this news story, this actually happened – we were asked if there could be a filter on the Bundles page so customers can filter by Category.  While the products are not showing in category listing pages, the products do of course come from the products database.  So we have written a filter within a dropdown menu on the page, so customers can select a category and show only the bundles, where the primary product is within said category.

A brilliant little addon, a few hours works, and amazing results.

We have also been asked if the pages where products appear (such as categories, sub-categories, search results, new products and so on), could show if that product is part of a bundle.  Using a little web design witchcraft, we have done it.  A little ‘ribbon’ on the right of the product, overlapping the photo, shows ‘Bundle Available’.  So it attracts the buyer even more to know they could get a discount if they buy a package.

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Website Support Spalding, South Lincolnshire 1024 430 Editor

Website Support Spalding, South Lincolnshire

One of our key job roles is to provide website support to our clients, not only in Spalding, but through the East Midlands, and the South of England.

These clients provide services very localized, but also throughout the UK, and indeed, throughout the world.  From import and export companies, to highly recognised online shopping sites, to local established well known companies.

website support conversation livechat email telephone

Website support includes fixes and new tools

This website support includes create new custom tools for websites, through to helping with email issues, access issues, and providing our wealth of knowledge to make things happen.

Often websites built by another company are broken, or have not been thought through properly. We sometimes pick up the reins and “finish” the website, or sort out the SEO part of it.

We thorough enjoy the support we provide to our clients’ websites.  It’s what we do – well, part of what we do.

To visit our website support page – click here.  We will be happy to help you.

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Websites Spalding – we are in Lincolnshire 1024 358 Editor

Websites Spalding – we are in Lincolnshire

79DESIGN is based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, so many of our websites are in the Spalding area.  Today we have been redeveloping a menu for a major client, to be able to upload banners into the main menu, so when they click on Accessories for example, a few banners will appear to promote something within the website itself.

Providing websites Spalding needs and covering the UK

So as well as providing web sites to many parts of the UK, we are regional, and like that face to face personal service too.  While we develop for the big websites, we also develop for much smaller ones too.  And being local to you, means we can provide that excellent support service you need.

Personal conversation: websites Spalding

Many companies are based in places far away, and getting that personal service is extremely difficult.  We like to offer that service to all our clients.   Since we are Lincolnshire Web Designers, our core is here in this county.

We might be based in Spalding, but our websites cover the whole area.

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Online Shop website 800 392 Editor

Online Shop website

Some of our most major clients have an online shop website – they are easy for the administrators to operate, and this week we have been developing them further to enable Special Offers.

Something as easy as being able to schedule special offers, titles, custom banners and to set when the offer starts and ends.  We were able to create this tool within one day.  The output that the customer sees is fully mobile responsive, and very easy to choose when they add items to a basket.  Sadly this is not a WordPress feature, as it was built from scratch for a custom web site, but this also meant we could make it look exactly how the client, Mark, wanted it.  He said when he saw it on an iphone6 Plus, it’s “awesome”.

we love a challenge with an online shop website

online shopsIn many of our blog posts, we have said this before – but it’s true.  We do enjoy a “now I don’t know if this is possible, but can you…?”…. challenge, and today we cracked it with that online shop web site.   Some challenges do of course take a little longer, and often have to be highly thought out.   In the next few days we are also looking at leadership systems, and other fully custom tools for our clients.

Custom tools means we can tweak them to be precisely….

a) how the client wants them and;

b) how we want and know they can be for the client and their customers.

We love it.  We grow.  We improve each day.  Our online shop websites just get better and better.