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Lincolnshire & Cambridgeshire HTML Training
HTML Training & CSS 1000 667 Editor

HTML Training & CSS

A service that is growing is for HTML Training.  As more and more websites are being created, people want to know how to write the basic HTML.  This is to help them understand the code, edit code, and tweak content.

For example, there are areas within a WordPress website where one may wish to edit some code to do with an image, or anchor points – this may require some HTML understanding.  A HTML Trainer would be best suited to direct that person and teach them the right HTML code to write for their page.

My Child wants to learn HTML – can you help?

Absolutely – we can help.  We can visit you at a time that suits you.  Perhaps you can let us know at what stage they are at, so we can bring along a list of tasks to train your child in HTML.  Or if you prefer, we can visit, just sit down and hear what they have to say, or they can show us where they are stuck and what they are being taught at school in IT class for HTML.

Understanding CSS, is important for HTML training

CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheet, and it is what controls roughly 95% of the layout, sizing, colours and texture of the website.

If you don’t understand CSS, and you are writing HTML, you will get into a bit of bother.  We can teach you the CSS code, from the very basic stuff, to the more advanced layer and parenting CSS techniques.

Based in Lincolnshire, and on the border with Cambridgeshire, we are in very close proximity to major roads to come and teach you HTML and CSS.

How do we train people in HTML?

We can do this in a number of ways, all of which are flexible.  We can sit down with the individual to learn at what stage they are at with HTML, and then ‘fill in the gaps’ and teach from there.

We find that most know a little bit, but are stuck.  But there are some who just want to learn… from the beginning.

We have a page on our main website about HTML Training right here.  If you would like to book a session, please visit the page, and we will be in touch to confirm things.

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New Home Computer Support Service launched 1024 421 Editor

New Home Computer Support Service launched

We are very pleased to offer a new Home Computer Support service to the local Spalding area.  This includes Bourne, Holbeach and Boston.

We understand that many are not sure how to use their computers and laptops, or tablets and phones.  We have vast experience with Windows machines, as well as Macbooks and iPhones.  We can sit down with you over a cup of tea and go through all you need to know.  We can also now show you Android device usage.

Home Computer Support based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, including Holbeach, Bourne and Boston

Because we are local, we can pop out to see you one evening, or spend an hour or two with you after lunch.  You show us what you are stuck on, or if you need a session on Microsoft Word for example, and we can show you all you need to know.

We don’t work at a fast pace – we work at your pace.  Step by step, learning IT, learning Windows, whether than is Windows 7, Windows 10 etc, or on a Macbook Air.  Our IT Support in Spalding area will prove invaluable to you.

Local Spalding Skype Support

We can teach you how to use Skype as well as many other things on your computer.

Learn many basic aspects of your Computer

Learn Windows, customizing your start menu colours, installing software…. and more.

How do you use Windows?

We can show you how. Experts with various versions of Windows, through to version 10.

Home Computer IT Support Training Sessions in Spalding area

Based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, informal training and teaching at your home, or on a laptop at your chosen place.  One session or regular sessions, you decide.

We have shown people how to use their Computers and Laptops at Wetherspoons in Spalding on their own laptop.  Though a quiet evening is best for that location.  We are really flexible on where to come out to see you, and when.

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HTML – how much of it do you need to know? 1024 486 Editor

HTML – how much of it do you need to know?

HTML – or HyperText Markup Language has been around since the dawn of the Internet.  Even though languages and codes have moved on a lot since then, the output is still generally done in HTML.

WordPress outputs all code in HTML, but it can also have HTML code entered manually.  While you can do many simple things in WordPress, there are areas where you must know your HTML to be able to add certain features, edit features, or customise things that are definitely not within your WP Theme’s capabilities.

HTML – spacing images out

Let’s say for example you want to place one image next to the other – how do you do that while keeping a gap.  you could just add a spacebar, or add a left margin to the right image.

Let’s say you want to add an Anchor point down the page – clicking a link and it shoots you down the page to a specified position.  It’s not something you can do in WordPress – or at least, you cannot set the Anchor point in WordPress.  It has to be done in HTML.

Do you want to just understand the code that created this nice looking page, what is that <div> code, or the <img… code?  For those that care, and want to learn – that’s where we step in.

We can spend as little or as much time with you as you need.  One-on-one or in groups of up to around eight people at a time.  Any more, and a session would take too long, and wouldn’t fit enough in.  Though we can always try!

While we are based in Lincolnshire, and we can offer Lincolnshire HTML Training, we can also travel to Cambridgeshire, or even Norfolk.  We have been to Rutland as well, which is a lovely part of the area.  So give us a call, or visit our HTML Training page here on the website for lots more information.

So if you need some of the finest advice on HTML, where you can lead the way and tell us what you want to learn; or just let us lead you from the top of a page, down… we can go any which way you like!

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How proficient are you with WordPress? 1024 576 Editor

How proficient are you with WordPress?

Wordpress is a beast of a system.  It can do more things than you can imagine for your website.  With the right theme, it can look pretty amazing too.

But what about the basic things, what about Titles, SEO, adding a plugin, adjusting styling that doesn’t have a simple ‘front end’ method to change it?  Do you know how to add a theme, and what to look for when you have done it, to make it “yours”?

Is your host providing SSL, but you don’t know how to make your WordPress site SSL?

How about contact forms – have you added one or do you want to customise one,  or send the emails to a specific address?

Do you understand the difference between Pages and Posts?  How do add imagery to your library, and then use it effectively on your website?

wordpress logo

We can teach you all of this in WordPress Training, and we do it in a tailored way to your particular needs.  It’s not about “We have Course A for x, we have Course B for xx”.  You tell us what you need to learn and we will sit down with you and show you, over a period of time of your choice.

If you want various segments of times booked for your training, let’s do it.  We are here, and local in Spalding, so can come to see you in the day, or one evening.  Whatever most suits you.

Gives us a call on 01775894479, or email us on, or even use the Livechat in the lower right corner of this screen to talk about WordPress Training in the Spalding area.

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WordPress training available in Spalding area 1024 576 Editor

WordPress training available in Spalding area

One of the things 79DESIGN likes to do is WordPress Training.

WordPress training – one-on-one

While we create, manage and edit Word Press web sites, many people do it themselves but run into trouble.  Hence, we offer training, in a one-on-one capacity.

We will teach you what you want to know, and perhaps some things you didn’t think you needed to know, like SEO, Newsletter installs, Social Media installs and so on.  It can be  minefield, but we are here to help and show you exactly how to do it.

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