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Just how good is WordPress for my website? 150 150 Editor

Just how good is WordPress for my website?

We work a lot with WordPress to build websites, adapting them to suit a brand, to suit the client’s requirements, and to suit our own demands and preferences.

But just how good is WordPress, what is it, and why is it a good system to use for your website?

WordPress from our point of view is a system we host, install, and build for you.  We take the core download of WordPress, install it, and begin the work to configure the design for you – this is essentially what you are paying for, when you ask us to create your website.

Each page, depending on the design used, can look very different.  It can go from the highly corporate look, to a supremely whacky appearance!  We can create logins for your staff to edit content, but not add content.  Or to add as well as edit content.  From adding a Blog to post news, linking those posted news articles to your social media, and configuring all kinds of clever things to really make your website BUZZ!

A love of websites, using WordPress, for all

Whether you are a local church needing a simple website to show some wonderful photos, or you are a local health care organisation needing to show the reception, staff, and treatments, or a shop that wants to start selling online – all of this can be done really nicely with WordPress, and at a cost that most people feel is very admirable.  Every website is different, even WordPress, so there is no £x for site A and £x for site B.  We go through what you want in your site, and that calculates the time needed, as well as possible ‘additional tools’ to add to the website to make it work for you.

We have worked with other tools, such as Wix and Shopify, but we find WordPress to be the best, without any question or doubt.  It’s easier to manage, easier to tweak and adjust.  Most addons that are needed for specific needs, are fairly easy to come by, or are not too demanding on the finances.

We looked at Wix, but found the SEO tools to be impossible to test, to ensure a site was using the codes in the right places.  Then we found the Shopify, although easy to quickly setup a shop, the design of one, and the shipping site is very cumbersome and tricky to get right.

Wordpress is a breeze, and we have used it so many times.  This is why we also offer WordPress Training to clients who need to learn about it’s basic systems, and more advanced features.

Wordpress website
WordPress Themes 1024 576 Editor

WordPress Themes

We are often asked about WordPress themes, how they work, if we can help install them for a client, what you need a website designer for, when you can buy themes.

The answer is fairly straightforward.  A theme is like a “skin”, like the shell of the website.  You already might have the database, the content etc, and it might be with WordPress.  Then we agree on which theme you would like, whether than be a free one, or a theme you pay for (normally £30-£70 for a theme).

Template web sites

Then we install it, and we know how to programme it to make it look how you want it to be, including the colour scheme, the fonts, and imagery.

A WordPress theme comes with default colours and fonts, but they are sometimes very easy to change, as the theme can provide some great tool with which to alter them.  But rather too often, they don’t, and you need us to enter ‘code’ to make colours just right – this is where the hard work comes in.

We check it looks right on a mobile device as well, we add the widgets the theme comes with as well as those it might not include.  Be that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Newsletter, SEO Yoast, and so on.

We work hard to make sure it looks really good.  So that the logo fits just right.  We just don’t get the theme, install, and that’s it.  We put in the hard work for you.

Above, when you chose 79DESIGN, you are in a very comfortable position.  With the knowledge that we will take care of you, and make your WordPress theme just perfect for you and your company.


Template web sites
Word Press Themes 400 282 Editor

Word Press Themes

This week among many other fun and exciting, we have been working with Word Press themes.

Word Press Themes FREE or Bought

These are ZIP files normally, that can be downloaded for free, or purchased online.  We have used themes that are free, and while they tend to be basic, often they are far from it.  They can have lovely menus in the top of the page, in line with the logo, or below the logo.  Social media can form part of the theme, or even in the footer of the page.

wordpress logo

Purchased themes tend to have more functions, sliders, movements in thumbnail images, and so on.  To look at the finished site, one would never thing it was a theme.

Take Zombie News Live for example.  A whacky web site that’s written in Word Press and using a theme that was purchased and configured to look exactly the way they want it, down to the colours etc.  Looks really smart.

Template web sites

Then look at a theme like Ceramica and Stone Blog that is for a main site, to use as a blog.  This them was so nice to build and the guys that did the banners (not us we hasten to add) did a terrific job.

Moving onto our own blog you see here – this is actually a free Word Press theme.  We configured it to look how we wanted it.  But it goes to show that Word Press is pretty good stuff, until you hit problems, and then where you do need help.  Sometimes these can be from not understanding “CSS” to make things look right, or it can be more technical stuff that even we have to go and research to get an solution.

WordPress websites experts – available for your web site 150 150 Editor

WordPress websites experts – available for your web site

In recent years, the option to have WordPress websites built using Word Press has become increasingly used, and therefore more popular as well.

It does have its pitfalls, but if you know what you are doing, the results can be astounding.

wordpress logo

79DESIGN has developed many responsive web sites using WordPress and their themes.

These themes can be downloaded for free, or more advanced themes purchased, but it comes with issues; if you don’t know what you are doing, it can be really cumbersome, and time-consuming, and a very slow learning curve.

For example, you have your theme… and now what?  How do you get thoses sliders on there, how do you get your brand colouring on there.  If it’s all in green, how do you get all your reds to be in the right places?  This is after you have added your pages, posts and social media.

These are not questions that can be answered and fixed by just anyone, unless you have weeks and weeks for your site to either be a holding page, or worse still, broken, while you sort it.

We always, without fail, put your new web site into a ‘beta’ form, so no user nor particularly Google can find it.  If it finds a web site with no content, no metas, no shorturls in it, it will sting you badly, and lose you so much ranking position, it will take months, maybe years to get it back.  So a beta form is where the site is protected and our of the way of your current ‘working live’ site.

We are experts in styling, specially in WordPress where it really is a minefield of code and data.  What’s the difference between a Post and a Page?  How do you get your menus working correctly and styled right?  How do you get an image on the web site and use it correctly?  Why won’t widgets a) appear on the homepage, but is on all other pages.

By far the biggest problem faced though is the colour styling.  The get your WordPress Site right, the underline colourings, borders, hoverovers etc, all need to be in your brands colouring, else pink and yellow will show, where it should be red and blue.  And trust us, not all colours are set in the “Theme Options”.

Hire a company that knows what they are doing; that has built multiple based and advanced WP Template web sites, and remove the headache you might just get from having a go.

A few examples of our WordPress Websites are:

Examples of Blogs we have created using WordPress are:

…. and of course this one!

These don’t include the countless web sites we have on domains’ “beta” areas, where they are currently in testing and being built for clients.  We have one set right now that should be having a 50 web site roll out in 2015, all using WordPress alone!

If you have tried and have problems, don’t hesitate to contact us, as we might be able to help you.

Blogging themes updated 150 150 Editor

Blogging themes updated

This week we have worked a lot on social media themes, with Blogs being the key upgrade.
The standard theme used for Word Press is ok, but not all that jazzy or modern. So a great many of the blogs we look after have had a revamp. From the seriously jazzy, where the images enlarge on hover, and scrolling news feeds at the top….. to the slightly more subtle yet no less information e-commerce web site blogs that need a good diary of information, dates and company news.

Working hard with external companies to get certain issues ironed out, has been a challenge, but the results are really rather cool.