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Fast Web Hosting transfer performed 1024 492 Editor

Fast Web Hosting transfer performed

Today we had some pretty difficult issues with a website that is hosted by a USA company. Their service is just not up to the par that we expect.  We were due to move it in 2018, but it was decided at 2pm today, that we would just move it across.  But there were TWO websites to move.  So we got our foot in gear, and began the work.

It was a high priority job, and one of the websites was over 5gb in size (very large!).  But with a lot of effort, and some technical knowledge to get around some tricky issues, some that the existing host refused to help with, we transfer it all over in record time.

fast website hosting transfersVery fast web hosting transfers

Sometimes a very fast response is needed from us.  We are usually quick anyway.  But this required something extraordinary, and we are pleased that we were able to perform this in such a swift manner.

From Saturday or Monday, our client’s two websites will be on a far more stable service here in the UK.  The server operators behind it are the best around, and we won’t have the issues we have faced in the past.

For one website we could use a tool to transfer it over within the space of an hour.

With the second site, we had to do it much more manually which took up most of the time.

Fast Website Hosting Service

The service now is far superior.  It’s fast.  We have amazing control from the control system to make changes.  The previous hosts’s setup left a lot to be desired!  But now we can ring our providers and speak to UK folks for help.

I’m am so pleased we were able to do this, and think the outcome will mean their website performs in a far more efficient way.

We have also regularly transferred non-https sites to our secure service.  We are often contacted about ranking, and a big issue is the type of hosting.  We recently moved and to our secure SSL Hosting services.  Our service levels have proved highly popular, and as such they enjoy a far better level of support and secure hosting.

If you have a website that has poor performance through the service provider, or a very slow speed and you need a company who can make it work far superior, give us a call: 01775894479.  Or email  We don’t just deal with the huge websites.  We deal with much smaller ones too.

We are here to help.  We always respond every day of the week.

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First Class Website Support 800 392 Editor

First Class Website Support

79DESIGN prides itself on providing the best quality customer service, speed of service, and being available when you need us.  Responding to customers’ needs when they need us, means providing first class website support.

When new clients come to us, one of the first things they say is that they are unhappy with their current web designer provider.  That they have disappeared, are not forthcoming, or don’t offer new ideas.

Being local to Spalding means we can see you face to face, have a chat, so you know who 79DESIGN is; the face, voice and personality!

number one web designer spalding

Hopefully our passion shows through a little as well.  We are honest; if something could be difficult, we say.  If it is a 5 minute job, we say.  Above all, our service when creating something new, or all the time after, is meant to keep you happy and safe with us.  Safe in the knowledge that we are just at the end of the phone, email, or whatever chat service you desire to use.

Website support based in Spalding

So you might be in Spalding, need a new web site, need someone you can rely on, and you have found 79DESIGN.  Good choice – just drop us a line and we will take care of your new web site… with style!


Brand New Support Videos Page 150 150 Editor

Brand New Support Videos Page

We are very happy and proud to announce a new Support Videos page on the website.  Three new YouTube hosted videos have been developed, with Simon providing the voiceover.  Each video has brief information on a particular subject, from SEO, to Social Media and our Free Website Healthcheck service.

Further Support Videos added in 2017

More support videos will be added, and if you would like to have a video created to explain something you would like to know about, get in touch with us.

website support videos
To visit the website’s support videos page, click here



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Your Website Questions Answered – new FAQ Service 1024 511 Editor

Your Website Questions Answered – new FAQ Service

We are pleased to announce our new faq service on the website.  Like many websites, our FAQs show the questions our clients and potential clients ask us regularly, along with the answers we generally provide.

The new page is at is easy to use too.
A 79DESIGN key factor – ease of use! 
Just tap on the question and the answer will be revealed.

Submit your own question to FAQ Service

If you have a question that is unanswered on there, the page also has a useful function for you to submit your question to us too.  Customers can ask questions without submitting their email or details.  Just get it answered!  We regularly update the FAQ system, so we submit the question and important answer pretty quickly.  So just need to keep an eye on the page.  If a relatively new question has been answered, there is an information tag at the top to notify you.  The “New Question” badge indicates this is a relatively new one  and might be yours.

faq service - website questions

So pop over to the FAQ page, and if you have a unique question and want to anonymously ask us,  enter it in the box, and send it over.  Free.  Easy.

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Chat about your website 1024 294 Editor

Chat about your website

How is your website?  You had issues with it, not happy with how it looks, or getting no response from those who did it for you?  Maybe you need to have a chat about your website, with us.

Many don’t like to phone, as they just want to type in their questions and have someone instantly reply back, a little like Whatsapp, Viber or even Text Messaging; this is why we have Livechat.

Live Chat where you see this

When our support Livechat is online, just click the purple button in the lower right corner of any page, like this one…. and have a chat with us.

Tell us what concerns you have, if you have a website, or you want one and not sure of the next step, if you need help with hosting… anything like that.  We are here to help and serve you, and make your life much easier with your website.

We have in fact had websites created after purely livechat conversations, getting to know the person, and then taking plenty of information, and then that was it.

Just having a brief chat with us can really help.  Just let us know what you want to tell us, and we go from there.

Don’t hesitate, just click the link, say “hi”, and we will do our utmost to serve you.

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Website Support Spalding, South Lincolnshire 1024 430 Editor

Website Support Spalding, South Lincolnshire

One of our key job roles is to provide website support to our clients, not only in Spalding, but through the East Midlands, and the South of England.

These clients provide services very localized, but also throughout the UK, and indeed, throughout the world.  From import and export companies, to highly recognised online shopping sites, to local established well known companies.

website support conversation livechat email telephone

Website support includes fixes and new tools

This website support includes create new custom tools for websites, through to helping with email issues, access issues, and providing our wealth of knowledge to make things happen.

Often websites built by another company are broken, or have not been thought through properly. We sometimes pick up the reins and “finish” the website, or sort out the SEO part of it.

We thorough enjoy the support we provide to our clients’ websites.  It’s what we do – well, part of what we do.

To visit our website support page – click here.  We will be happy to help you.

Livechat Support now open later 1024 184 Editor

Livechat Support now open later

We appreciate that some folks like to look at their website future of an evening, particularly when it is your own business.  Therefore we will occasionally be opening our livechat support later of an evening.

So if you need to talk with us about ideas you have, if you are sick of the company you are with, need greater support, a better website, something that looks wonderful on your phone – now is the time to get in touch!

We are very friendly, not pushy, and happy to met you of an evening over a drink to see how we can help you.  We can discuss the all-important factor of costs, and if you want to buy a site outright, or go on a monthly plan with greater support.

new website responsive

Livechat support is a brilliant means to talk with us

You can sit back there and just type away and tell us all the issues you are facing, and see if we can help master that website for you, and make it brilliant!

Livechat support