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SSL Websites are important for your hosting 1024 492 Editor

SSL Websites are important for your hosting

We all know how important security is nowadays with more and more online attacks happening; this is why all our websites now come with SSL secure hosting.

Whether you have a standard website just to show what you are and what you do – or if you have an e-commerce website where shopping carts and payment details are being added, or a part commerce website – shop, but online ‘enquiry within’ style pages – SSL is vital.

lincolnshire ssl securityThis website is on HTTPS SSL –, to ensure any data sent to us via online forms, is done so through SSL security, keeping you safe online.

If you want a website hosting, and you feel SSL is pretty important, just give us a call.  We can sometimes move a site to our servers, depending on it’s setup.  Don’t hesitate, get in touch!

When you visit a website, if you are sending data by email or on a form, if it is not SSL, then the data you are sending is insecure.  If it IS SSL https in the url, then the data is encrypted.  Google prefers encryption, as it feels that is safer online.

We have expert systems in place in ensure your certificate is always up to do, meaning SSL is always live and updated.  If you are unsure if you really need it, and want to ask, visit our contact page and we will help the best we can.  Trust in 79DESIGN to always serve you as a priority.

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Secure Servers and Mobile Menus

This week has been such a busy one, as we have implemented secure servers on Just BB Guns, and updated many parts of the web site to reflect this update.

The site also now has better menus on mobile, so it makes the viewing experience for customers a whole lot nicer too.  More images and content, less room take up by a permanently menu.

Secure Servers (SSL) adopted

As many have said, the SSL adoption is now a growing one for web sites, and we working with the team to get it stronger like that.

Just BB Guns settings update with Secure Servers