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The Job of a Great Designer 1024 576 Editor

The Job of a Great Designer

A Website is a special and often a valuable thing; if it is created correctly, it will be one that your customers can browse with ease, on all devices, and one that either you can edit with ease, or be edited for you quickly and effectively.

This is the basics of the job for your website designer.

A Designer learns about your business

We need to learn about your company.  Sometimes this is easy as you may already have a website, but one that is performing badly; or you may have no website.

The job of a website designer is to take your branding style and turn it into something amazing; to impress you with the website.  We get many “wows’ and we love them.  From the simplest website for research purposes, to a full ecommerce website, where we do things with great pride and quality.  Sourcing fabulous photos to express what you do, or asking you for photos of your factory or store to bring the website alive.

We are also very keen to help you progress with social media.  Some folks are not bothered by it or don’t see the point.  We can manage your social media for you.  It’s part of what we do.  Setting up the various channels like Twitter and Facebook, and connected your website to it – as well as linking back.

Then we host your website.  A website hosting company should be one that is easily contactable, and where you are comfortable letting your content be managed by them, knowing it’s in safe hands.

successful website designer

A very successful day for 79DESIGN

It’s all in our amazing website service

We take massive pride in what we do; every new client is amazing for us.  Company Director, Simon says, “We develop a great relationship, and work with them to meet their needs perfectly.  We love it.  Sometimes it even feels so good, it’s like a hobby, but it’s a very serious business, as it’s your business.  You are trusting us to look after you – to host your business online.  To show you how to further develop it on your website.  Every day is amazing.”

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How important is Social Media to you? 1024 373 Editor

How important is Social Media to you?

Social Media is definitely part of our lives now, whether some of us like it or not.  Many make a good business purely through social media marketing, while some prefer to have a full website as well, so that the social media channels can direct traffic “into your world”.

Instagram - Social Media

There are varying platforms to work on, and some may or may not be relevant to your work.  For example, if you are a plumber, chances are an Instagram is probably not something you need.  But if you are a kitchen fitter, or you build bathrooms, then Instagram will be brilliant for you.  Then you can promote the amazing kitchens you have made for your customers.

Facebook - Social Media

Twitter - Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are fairly similar, in that you post ‘Status’ messages on both.  With Instagram you can post back to Twitter and Facebook too (yes this is where is can get a little confusing).  So if you have taken a photo, or you have a graphic you want to share, you can in fact do it through Instagram, and when you ‘post’, it can go to FB and Twit as well.  Very cool eh?

What we can do for you is to manage everything through our Social Media Management – monitoring your incoming PMs (Private Messages) on these platforms, and reply to a PM on your behalf, sometimes referring them to your website or telephone number.  But mostly it’s about ‘Posting’.

A good conversation with you, along with understand if you have a website and any SEO issues you may have, means we tailor our service precisely to your requirements.  We don’t just have a package for everything.  You might want us to take on ALL platforms, or just Facebook and Instagram, or just Twitter.  It’s entirely up to you; it’s down to what social media is important in your life.

Social Media based here in Lincolnshire

Based here in Lincolnshire generally means we look after local Lincolnshire companies’ social media.  But we also go far and wide.  We prefer the face-to-face conversation as well, so we can get to know you, and understand what sort of image you wish to portray.  Your brand.  Then we know where we are going with it.

You might like to add some Call to Action buttons on your Facebook, or have a Blog setup that is scheduled to send out news ready for a particular holiday or season.  We can look after it all for you.  If you need photos taking, we can include that in our package, and spend time each month with you.

So if you need some help, advice, or to have it managed for you, get in touch with us.  We are here ready to help.

Call 01775894479

Call Today for your Social Media requirements

Managing your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin 150 150 Editor

Managing your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

How often do you Tweet or post a message on your Facebook page, or post an article on Linked In?

These days with so many people looking at that phones or tablets, looking at social media, checking Twitter and their Facebook page, it is so important to keep up the messages to entice people into your network, and your website.

Twitter Tweets and Facebook Posts

Some folks like to sent a couple of Tweets or Facebook Posts each week, some like to schedule a load in over the course of a month.  We can manage all that for you.

The costs of such a service are down to how many messages you want to send out each month, and we can talk with you to get the right amount for your requirements.

social media management spalding

If an Article is published directly on Linked In, it is broadcast on their main wall, rather than just on your own page, so that benefits you by drawing in readers who are not within your ‘friends’ list on Linked In.

Facebook Posts – Links to your website

The brilliant thing about posting to Facebook, from your Blog or directly to your Page, is that you can add links and imagery, to entice people to click and go into your website.  This can be for new products, some really special news you want to tell everyone about – or just a simple little article about a part of your job!

For lots more information on Social Media Marketing, from our Spalding office, click here.

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Websites Spalding – we are in Lincolnshire 1024 358 Editor

Websites Spalding – we are in Lincolnshire

79DESIGN is based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, so many of our websites are in the Spalding area.  Today we have been redeveloping a menu for a major client, to be able to upload banners into the main menu, so when they click on Accessories for example, a few banners will appear to promote something within the website itself.

Providing websites Spalding needs and covering the UK

So as well as providing web sites to many parts of the UK, we are regional, and like that face to face personal service too.  While we develop for the big websites, we also develop for much smaller ones too.  And being local to you, means we can provide that excellent support service you need.

Personal conversation: websites Spalding

Many companies are based in places far away, and getting that personal service is extremely difficult.  We like to offer that service to all our clients.   Since we are Lincolnshire Web Designers, our core is here in this county.

We might be based in Spalding, but our websites cover the whole area.

social media management spalding
Social Media Management Spalding and Holbeach 1024 419 Editor

Social Media Management Spalding and Holbeach

One of 79DESIGN’s key functions is to manage your social media.  So being based where we are, we run Social Media Management Spalding and Holbeach, among other places.

This includes Blog Management, which we cover on this part of our main website.

This means we are local to you, and can help you with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and WordPress systems.

Social Media Management need not be a headache

You send to us what you want posting, and we will take care of the rest.  If you have a photo, but it needs cropping or editing first, we can manage that for you as well.  We will ensure your business in Spalding, Holbeach and further afield is taken care of in all Social Media channels.

It’s what we do!

Have a look at our Social Media Management page on the web site.


Jet Pack Word Press: 79DESIGN
Jet Pack social media to customers 500 300 Editor

Jet Pack social media to customers

Jet Pack social media means you can blast your news, review, stories and comments out to thsoe who follow you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc, in an instant, all though WordPress.

Jet Pack social media is ‘the thing’ today

Social Media is quite simple “the thing” nowadays.  If you aren’t using it, you are missing a step – almost a set of stairs!  Pretty much everyone is on social media, whether that be on Twitter “tweeting” news; Facebook submitting information and links; LinkedIn to their fellow Linkedin pals, or Google + followers.

With Jet Pack on WordPress, we can help you to push out your news articles, and get it to those people and companies who follow you, and who take an interest in your company, services, products or talent.

Word Press Logo - Jet pack social media

In lamens terms, you can either go onto your Facebook and write a ‘status’ message and submit.  You can go to Twitter on your computer or portable device and submit a tweet.  You can login to Google + and write a post.  Or – login to WordPress, write a Page or Post, ensure it is SEO friendly, and submit it.  That will be posted out to all those feeds, with links back to your Blog/Website.  One task – 4 feeds – done!

So if you are on WordPress for your main site, or just for your Blog to promote news in your company, but you are a bit lost with it all, and you know you need to be using social media, drop us a line.  There are many ways to contact us either via this blog, or the web site, email, phone, livechat….. Twitter, Facebook… oh yes!

We can even help you in training to use WordPress, and teach you how this goes out to those feeds.