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What is your Google Ranking like? 600 337 Editor

What is your Google Ranking like?

You are likely to be reading this page either because your website ranks badly within Google Ranking, or because that term has attracted you to see how you can improve or make your website more solid.

Or maybe we are wrong and it’s none of those.  Well, let’s go down the route of your website is not performing so well, and you want your Google Ranking position to be higher.  If this is the case, you have come to the right website – the right company in fact!

At 79DESIGN we specialise in Local Search Ranking Results: meaning if you are in a local area and you want to rank better for that area, we can help you.  Put it this way – if we can be number one on Google (usually we might add!) for “Lincolnshire Web“, then we can do it for your business terms.  It just takes time.

google ranking seo services

Our first task would be to see how your website is setup.  It may have a load of fundamental problems which are causing it to rank really badly.  These can be resolved usually within your existing website setup.  However there are times when it cannot.

For example, there might be programming code within your pages that we cannot strip out, thus causing a fix to be impossible within your existing site’s setup.

Plan B: rebuild your website to something up to date, with exceedingly better coding.

We have done this on many an occasion, and even worked with some larger SEO corporations to work on client’s websites, taking instruction and raising their level to number one on Google.

google ranking

So if your website is not going so well, and business is through word of mouth – not through Google traffic – look no further than 79DESIGN for your SEO Service.  Equally if your website is currently built with WordPress, then we can help directly with WordPress SEO as well.  Just give us a call, email or, or use the livechat in the lower right corner.  We don’t do “sales pitches”.  We listen to your issues, look at your website, and make suggestions on how we can work with you to make your business better.

Call 01775894479


Contact us with your issues – let’s help you TODAY!

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What makes good SEO, and what is Clumsy SEO? 800 392 Editor

What makes good SEO, and what is Clumsy SEO?

SEO, is an acronym that means Search Engine Optimisation.  When we build websites, SEO is high on our priorities, as much as the overall design.

We often get asked to run a website healthcheck, and all too often we find someone has built it with a system, such as WordPress (not a negative!), but the theme they used has placed SEO codes in the wrong place.  Or the company that has added Sub titles has used the wrong code.

seo services

During these Website Audits, we also find that images are added with vital code missing.  It’s becoming increasingly common.  Only today we were told to look at a website that has this exact issue, and it was only built a year or so ago.

When this occurs on websites build 4-5 years ago, or more, we accept it, as back then the rules on SEO were a little different; though it is still laziness.

google rankingBut now, when every little thing can cause Google to slap you on the wrist for poor SEO, it’s vital to be spot on.

Here’s a little tip for free:  go to your homepage, look at the source code (right click, view Source), and search for:


Do you find a load of them, or none?  If you find lots of these, it means your developer has added NO Alt Tag codes to your images, or just a few.  This is very poor SEO.  If it has happened to you, call us on 01775894479, or just click ‘Website Audit’ at the top right of this page.  We can look into it for you.

Not all websites have perfect SEO – we care

We know that not every website is perfect.  But when missing titles, missing Alt Tags, and so on are found and reported to us, it does frustrate us – although, it means we grow our business as customers see that we DO care for their website and want them to grow!

Distinctly different SEO service

Because our SEO Service is distinctively different, we are sticklers for quality assurance.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!. Absolutely no idea who said that first but they were correct.

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How is your website ranking these days? 1024 457 Editor

How is your website ranking these days?

Everyone wants to be ranked number one, right?  Sure.  It’s easy right?  Not that easy.  It needs a lot of careful tweaking of your website, monthly updates and quite often, an overhaul to rejig your entire system.

A lot of work goes into the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for a website.  It isn’t a one quick fix and it’s done.  It takes time and effort:

  • new content
  • correctly coded images
  • correct titles on all pages
  • various levels of website hosting
  • social media connectivity

Based in our Lincolnshire studio, we are experts at local SEO work.  Each month we will take on your content to create new pages or news articles, and ensure it is fully ‘SEO Compliant’, meaning Google and other search engines can ‘read’ your pages effectively.  There are a number of things we can do for your Google Ranking on a one quick fix.

google rankingLincolnshire Google Ranking

Quick fixes can be done on many websites.  but often it requires new work.  A new system to make images load much more dynamically.  Again, we are masters at this, and have done it many times for some highly successful clients, from plumbers to small and very large commerce websites.

So this is it – if your website is not performing so well, and you feel it’s the SEO that needs work, give us a call or use Livechat.  We are here to help, to work with you, and to make your website far more successful.


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Pros and Cons of Wix website & YELL websites 1024 621 Editor

Pros and Cons of Wix website & YELL websites

We have had people approach us about Wix websites they already have, made by Wix or Yell.  Asking why it’s not doing so well on search engine sites.  Asking what we feel about their website.  They asked us to perform our Free Website Healthcheck, to establish what problems does or does not have.

Wix websites has some benefits.  It’s free to setup.  Even their premium websites are pretty cheap, but it doesn’t entail you, the user, creating it on their platform.  So you can put images up, content, menu etc.  You use their themes.  As a “cheap” option, it’s fine.  If you want to ensure it is SEO’d correctly using the right codes and tools (that a developer would do elsewhere), sadly you cannot check this.

Why is that so important?  If your title isn’t added as a “header one” (which to most people actually means very little), then Google won’t recognise the title of the page.  Therefore, it will be “read” badly, and not seen as the page you have written.

As an example:

This is a title about a chest of drawers

This is a simple paragraph about a chest of drawers.

Google reads this, sees the various words, but if that bold title isn’t coded correctly, it won’t read it as “a title”, thus you lose the ranking you wanted for that page.

Wix websites Image Resizing – or lack thereof

We have often come across websites where there is a big banner at the top, and most CMS smart website systems will serve up the image suitable for your device, resizing it.  So if you are on an iPhone 5 for example, that displays images at no greater than 475px wide.  Wix websites doesn’t seem to resize, so if you are upload a 500kb JPG photograph, that is 1920 px wide….. Wix will serve up that 1920px wide image… to an 475px wide browser.

That’s bad!

wix websitesWix Menus and Responsive layouts

So should you go for a Wix website?  This all depends on whether you want to rank well with Google.  Whether you want your readers to load up pages quickly.

Our Responsive Websites are in a class of their own.  Fully responsive, images are resized to show the correct size for each screen, menus that are pixel perfect, so they express your company proudly online, and a design that is just stunning.

So what about Yell websites?

Yell is a little different, in that they do charge for them, but cheaply.  Their designs can be quite nice, but their SEO is generally found by us to be shocking.

The problem is, to non-techies, these issues sounds like nothing.  Here is an example:

Every page should have a “Header One” tag.  We have found Yell websites where the homepage (that needs it even more than others it could be argued), has NO Header One tag at all.  So it’s not telling Google what this page is actually about.  We Cut Hair.  We build Bathrooms.  We mow lawns. We Sell Cars.

Google cannot identify what a site is doing, if you don’t actually tell it with the right coding.  Just because the text is there on screen, Google needs to be *told* exactly what you are doing, the right way.

This is what SEO work is all about…

We noticed also that with Yell, while the site does show a mobile “version” it is not actually responsive.

Here’s a simple way to tell.  Open your website in a desktop/laptop browser.  Now bring the side of the browser screen inward to make it narrow – around 2-3 inches wide.  Does your site collapse down while remaining easy to view?  OR is it shooting off the side of the browser, out of view?

Easy to view: Responsive
Out of View: Non-Responsive.


When we create a website, we do it ONLY to be fully responsive.  Even when it means customising certain code to make things even more responsive than a theme allows.  We also ensure all the work in our Spalding studio for SEO, is done with precision, courtesy and respect to the customer.

These platforms have their place.  In our view, only if you really don’t care to much about being found ‘naturally’ on Google.  If you push and pay with Adwords, then they are fine, but even then, are you happy to have a site coded badly?


seo optimising
SEO optimizing – why is it important? 800 392 Editor

SEO optimizing – why is it important?

One of the things we do is SEO Optimizing.  This can be done either through our custom made systems that means we can control the “tags” dynamically from one page, or page by page as is done with WordPress.  But why is it important?  Let us explain.

Sit comfortably, and we shall explain why SEO Optimizing is important

When Google and other search engines scour the web and find your website pages, it looks for certain information.  The “title tag” of the page.  The Header title of the page.  Sub Headers of the page.  And the content; checking to see if the content relates to the website page, title, and headers.

SEO ranking with suitable headers

It also checks the images.  While Google cannot generally read images, it likes to see tags in the images.  If these are missing, it’s considered “bad SEO”, because you are not letting the Search Engines “read” the images.

When we develop pages we ensure all the above are done correctly.  When we go over websites and pages that do not have these – we make sure they do.  This has a profound effect on the website, and can really help with it’s ranking on Google and co.

We work every day on current pages, new pages, and do housekeeping every week on website pages, checking their SEO is correct, tweaking it as necessary.  While we are not “copy experts” with content, we are extremely good at checking for the keywords, and while ensure they are in there, not “spamming” these keywords.

Whether it is a sheet music website like Fedora Strings, or a Wedding Photographer website like Nathan Walker Nottingham, we upgrade the SEO internally, and help improve it’s position on Google.

If you need support or help with your website’s SEO, please get in touch.