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Is your website Mobile Friendly? 600 515 Editor

Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Being “mobile friendly” means that your web site can be viewed on a mobile phone, such as an iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone and so on. This doesn’t necessarily mean “Tablets”.

So am I mobile friendly?

It’s easy to check.  Really easy.  Look at your web site on your Computer.  Narrows the width of your browser to roughly 2 inches wide.  Does your web site “collapse” down, yet still easily readable, with menus that can be clicked and expanding/opened?  Do the images fill the screen or display in an easy-to-read mobile format?

If the answers to the above are all “yes”, then your web site is mobile friendly.

Another way is to use Google’s own Mobile Friendly test page.  Go there, enter your web site, and hit the button.  It’s easy.

If you are still not sure, just go to your web site on your mobile phone’s browser.  Do you need to “pinch-out” to zoom in to see your site’s content?

This is the classic example of a badly designed non-mobile friendly web site.

Do you really want your readers to have to zoom into every single page to read your site, and see your products and information?  Of course not.  And having “”, is not mobile-friendly.  That is a second web site – a “mirror” of your main one.


Mobile-friendly means it collapses to view on a mobile phone

If you look at this web site, or the BBC web site for example, collapse it down and it will adjust sizes and widths and even layout.  It helps if your main menu doesn’t fill the top of the screen, but it’s not absolutely important.  As long as it’s not a tiny version of your site the reader is viewing, it is correct.


It’s vital that your web site is designed in this way, and if yours isn’t contact your web site developer… or contact 79DESIGN!

Mobile Friendly for Google Search is now vital 150 150 Editor

Mobile Friendly for Google Search is now vital

Is your web site mobile friendly – Google Search is watching.  Meaning, if you view it on your smartphone, or shrink the width of your browser, does it change to format for the size of that smaller screen?

Yes?  Fabulous.  No need to read on.  Have a great day.

No?  Read on, this is really important.  While it is not meaning to scare folks, it is a problem if you want to climb the Google Rankings and your web site isn’t friends for phones.

Take a look at this Blog Entry from Google.

They are saying, in a nutshell, if your web site is not “mobile friendly”, you will drop in rankings to those that are mobile friendly.


These are the simplest ways to spot if you are mobile friendly:

1) Shrink the width of your browser while viewing your web site.  Does it collapse down into a new format when it’s about 3 inches wide?  If yes, then it is mobile friendly.

2) If you view your site on a phone, do you have to “pinch to zoom” to view the text?  If yes, you are NOT mobile friendly.

3) Search for your site on Google.  It will say “mobile friendly” in the results, if indeed yours is!

If you have any concerns, or you have found out that yours is not friendly to phone, drop us a line, or visit this page.

Mobile web sites are the future – 79DESIGN really is embracing it 150 150 Editor

Mobile web sites are the future – 79DESIGN really is embracing it

Quite often we are finding tools to be built, or things that need to be done, that also need to be seen on mobile devices. And so often, this is not as easy as it sounds, as responsive web sites need you to be able to view the web design on your iPhone, Android or whatever, without scrolling left and right, or zooming. It should fit your mobile screen just right.

No one is perfect, and even we are still learning, but having never given up on these tasks, we really are perfecting how something looks on a mobile responsive web site, as well as a desktop web site.

Let us show you. We are not a company that blinds you with science or pushy sales people. We are just 79DESIGN, passionate about the work, and about giving you the best, at the best value for money. While being personal and supportive.

Happy Monday everyone.

Responsive Web Sites – as they should be built 150 150 Editor

Responsive Web Sites – as they should be built

At 79DESIGN we are always developmenting better ways to make a responsive web site on mobile, appear even better.

Even now, design companies build web sites that are not great on desktop, and on mobile they are even worse, because there are been little or no foresight into the users who will see these sites, leading customers to “pinch-zoom” each page.

We work differently. We build a web site so that it is responsive, so that it expands and contracts and shows off the menu and imagery at it’s best, no matter what device it’s viewed on.

Even now, we meet people who say their site is ok, but when we show them a responsive site, they say “goodness, I can read that”. This is how it should be. 79DESIGN builds web sites how they should be built.

We support you during and after completion.