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Customized Menu Order System rolled out to Clients 150 150 Editor

Customized Menu Order System rolled out to Clients

This week we have had some advancements made in our web sites, including, following an unusual request from a client, the ability for them to change the ordering of categories in their dropdown menus; customized menu order system.  These are full width menus that have blocks of categories going left to right.  We developed a tool for the clients to assign which order each category would appear in, based in priority, speed of sale, and so on.  Customized system written specifically for the web sites.

The result has been an overwhelmingly positive review back to 79DESIGN on the performance, and customer reviews upon seeing these changes.

It’s also meant a radical change in some larger web sites, to make it work.  All done within the space of a week!  This is because we really do know what we are doing, the code we are developing is “our code”, not supplied by others.  And it means we can also tweak it should the client ask “mmm now can it be done so that …”.  The answer is probably a “yes”.

Custom web site

While changing the order of a menu is dead easy in most places, when it’s dynamically generated from a list of product categories, it’s  not so easy.  But we made it happen.