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Managing your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

How often do you Tweet or post a message on your Facebook page, or post an article on Linked In?

These days with so many people looking at that phones or tablets, looking at social media, checking Twitter and their Facebook page, it is so important to keep up the messages to entice people into your network, and your website.

Twitter Tweets and Facebook Posts

Some folks like to sent a couple of Tweets or Facebook Posts each week, some like to schedule a load in over the course of a month.  We can manage all that for you.

The costs of such a service are down to how many messages you want to send out each month, and we can talk with you to get the right amount for your requirements.

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If an Article is published directly on Linked In, it is broadcast on their main wall, rather than just on your own page, so that benefits you by drawing in readers who are not within your ‘friends’ list on Linked In.

Facebook Posts – Links to your website

The brilliant thing about posting to Facebook, from your Blog or directly to your Page, is that you can add links and imagery, to entice people to click and go into your website.  This can be for new products, some really special news you want to tell everyone about – or just a simple little article about a part of your job!

For lots more information on Social Media Marketing, from our Spalding office, click here.

social media management spalding
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Social Media Management Spalding and Holbeach

One of 79DESIGN’s key functions is to manage your social media.  So being based where we are, we run Social Media Management Spalding and Holbeach, among other places.

This includes Blog Management, which we cover on this part of our main website.

This means we are local to you, and can help you with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and WordPress systems.

Social Media Management need not be a headache

You send to us what you want posting, and we will take care of the rest.  If you have a photo, but it needs cropping or editing first, we can manage that for you as well.  We will ensure your business in Spalding, Holbeach and further afield is taken care of in all Social Media channels.

It’s what we do!

Have a look at our Social Media Management page on the web site.


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Do you post to all Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin? 1024 549 Editor

Do you post to all Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin?

Many of us use Social Media for ourselves, and some use it for our company to tell customers important news.  But how many of these “channels” do you use?

These are the main ones:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • Google +
  • Linkedin

The more you use, the better it is, as the further reaching you are to customers and contacts.  It can be a little daunting…”goodness, so I have to write posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and even Google +?”.  Well no.

Posting to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – it’s more clever than that!

You can in fact post to them all from one place.  There are many ways to do it.  One really clever way, is to ask us to manage it for you.  We can run your Blog, or in fact build you one, and each post we process for you (that hopefully you will supply), will be blasted out to all your channels.  So your Facebook page can see your latest news, your Twitter feed will get a post with a link back to your blog.  Linkedin even shows the photo you might have added to your WordPress post.

It’s really cool.  Plus – want to write five posts now and have them scattered over the next month – DONE!  We can even schedule them in for you, so you can sit back and not worry about it.

Want to alter a post before it goes out next week – DONE!  We can edit the post for you.  Get it right.  Change the image.  Adjust it for SEO purposes.

So don’t be daunted by it.  Be inspired, it’s amazing.  And we can make it amazing for you.  We can do it as and when, or on a monthly basis on an agreed term.  We are highly flexible.  That’s how we work – flexible to your needs.