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Brand new layouts, responsive and zooming 150 150 Editor

Brand new layouts, responsive and zooming

Responsive Zooming imagery on Web Sites are improving for our customers.

We have been developing an exciting new project recently, and today we saw some results, with zooming.  Where Word Press has some amazing themes that makes zooming images do funky things and responsive movements on screen; 79DESIGN has recreated this zooming look, with far superior control over these movements, and positions.

Responsive Zooming Image web Site

While we really enjoy developing Word Press themes, there’s nothing quite like developing a custom web site, that looks BETTER than a theme.  Where the customer wants the zoom to be great, or lesser; where they want to have more images in a row; subtle changes that are a nightmare in a preset theme, are easy in a custom built web site.

That was our challenge, and we have been told the results so far, look “awesome”.  New layouts, genius design, and all responsive to mobiles too.