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How much does a website cost – give me a price

There are a number of things we get asked when someone calls or live chat’s us about a website; can we host it for them, how long does it take to build one, but the main one is about website costs.

This is an impossible question to answer, as it depends on so many factors.  This is why we have created a new page on the website, solely to show these factors and what they mean.

“How much is a car?”… similar to comparing website costs

Head into your local new car dealership and ask “How much is a car?”….. “would you like a Mondeo, a Focus, an Audi A6, a smaller Audi A2?  Would you like leather seats?”… these are things you may be asked.  Each one differs, and then the options differ.

A website is the same – and that’s where we start to ask you what you want in your website.  Sometimes we just ask these things on live chat, often on the phone or when we meet.  Then we can tailor a website precisely to your needs.

Take a look at our new page on website costs, and find out more.