• 18th February 2019

New website for supermarket brand

New website for supermarket brand

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Over the past six months or so, we have been working very closely with local Lincolnshire company, JDM Food Group.  We have worked with them for a while now, and last year following consultation with 79DESIGN, their Marketing Director and his team, we began work on a new site for their ‘Just AddTM‘ brand.

just add puree new website

It was a really exciting project as the product has a broad range, and it is found in supermarkets and shops including:

just add website mobile friendly

Their existing website needed a major revamp.

We had a design plan and worked closely with their internal team to meet the style they wanted.  Social Media was integrated.  Colour schemes adopted, and a lot of image processing to get each element just right for them.  We hit this large task head on and completed on time for a big event they attended in February 2019.

A range of purees, for every recipe

Just AddTM has a range including purees of ginger, garlic, coriander, basil, chilli pepper and numerous others.  Two of the nicest parts of this job were visit the factory, and tasting the product.  The factory is amazing, it’s vast.  We were given a full tour, and the Director knew everyone!  It’s a really nice place of work.  The products are really easy to use; none of that faffing about trying to open things.  You can ‘just add’ it to your recipes – it’s simply designed.  There are many reviews on the Ocado website, which can now be found on their own website.

They have a Just Add Stockists page which shows where you can buy their products on the high street, or indeed out of town.  It works great on a mobile device too.

Proud to be the designer

We are super proud to be the Web Designer and Website Support team behind this product’s website, and we are now in the midst of further developments, to bring it even further forward forward to its customers.

logo just add

The Just Add logo (registered Trademark)

Go and take a look at their website today, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and try out their rather cool recipes which are also on YouTube (linked on their Videos page on the website).

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