• 6th November 2018

Launching Just Ask

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Launching Just Ask

Launching Just Ask 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

Today we are launching Just Ask – a brand new way for us to interactively answer common and less common website questions to clients and interested parties too.

We receive Livechat, and can answer questions instantly there, but we would love to have answers given on our Instagram – so you post to us on our website, and we can post a video on Instagram, mentioning you, and following you, with the answer.  Let’s grow the Just Ask community.

A brand new interactive way to respond to you

It’s brand new, so let’s see what happens.  If we can help people with little issues.

Visit our Just Ask page, submit your question, with or without your Email (which will never be shared) and we will try to answer your question.

just askBurning questions for web, SEO and social media

Questions such as how quickly can we build your website, do we do logos, do we just use WordPress or other tools, can we help with your social media – if you have a burning question, or one that is a little “left field”, Just Ask us.

The plan is to post answers on Instagram.  An “almost” live video to give you a personal response.  We may begin to combine them and put them on YouTube as well.


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