• 29th May 2015

Global JBBG and WordPress

Global JBBG and WordPress

Global JBBG and WordPress 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

It’s been a really busy week for us, working with global JBBG (Just BB Guns) websites, on their UK and all foreign web sites, including WordPress.

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A brand new tool has been written by 79DESIGN that enables the team to view their UK products in a control panel, and be able to see the status of those products on ALL their non-UK web sites; ie.  pricing, discount status, availability status, the lot.

To quote the MD of Just BB Guns, this tool we have written from scratch is “just awesome”.

And now we are working to develop these web sites to make them all feel the same as the UK, and improve their SEO functions, both in styling and in dynamic SEO settings.  Even their menus are dynamically controlled now, and more of their global offers are having this roll-out achieved by us.

WordPress has also been in our agenda this week, with updates.  We like WordPress.  Indeed what you read now is on that very system, and while it can be awkward at times to get things right, once it is right, and the SEO is set up correctly, it’s a very clever thing.

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We finish May 2015 having worked ourselves hard, and we’ve had some great results online, and with tools yet to go live.

So that’s 79DESIGN signing off for May, see you in June 2015.

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