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Huge hits for WordPress Agency Sites 900 600 79DESIGN Ltd

Huge hits for WordPress Agency Sites

We have just started work for a magazine company in North Lincolnshire.  They get a lot of traffic to their website, and it made us think – what is the total amount of hits we get on all our websites.  We know it’s high, but how high? The figure isn’t one that is regular of course,…

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What happens during WordPress Training? 1000 683 79DESIGN Ltd

What happens during WordPress Training?

We get enquiries each month about our Wordpress Training services; asking about what we can train, if there are fixed courses, can we do one or one, or just groups (with a minimum). So we thought we would answer a few of these questions here, to allay any worries you might have, including the costs…

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Gutenberg WordPress and the Classic Editor 1024 547 79DESIGN Ltd

Gutenberg WordPress and the Classic Editor

If you are a Wordpress website user and editor, this may mean quite a lot to you.  If you aren’t, it will be probably nothing!  But Gutenberg on Wordpress has changed things quite a lot. The new Gutenberg Editor view What is Gutenberg? It’s the new system for Wordpress – mostly the design of the…

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Let’s talk about Jetpack 1024 501 79DESIGN Ltd

Let’s talk about Jetpack

 Voiceover for the partially sighted Jetpack is something that most website owners won’t be aware of, but the majority of designers will! Jetpack can help in so many ways Let’s take a look at a few ways in which Jetpack can help with your website.  It has goodness knows how many options and features you…

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Weebly Websites – is WordPress better? 1024 683 79DESIGN Ltd

Weebly Websites – is WordPress better?

 Voiceover for the partially sighted In the last few months we have had a lot of enquiries about Weebly – it’s as though suddenly Weebly just optimised websites really badly.  We cannot confirm this of course, but many companies have reported a drop in ranking as a result. After looking at said websites, Weebly…

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Sell Online – much easier! 950 627 79DESIGN Ltd

Sell Online – much easier!

 Voiceover for partially sighted It’s that time of year when businesses begin to take a fresh look at how they do things.  Is the website up to scratch?  Does it look good or rubbish on a phone?  Is it selling online?  Are your products easy to find on your website, do you want to…

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Breaking the mould in Free Website Audits 800 536 79DESIGN Ltd

Breaking the mould in Free Website Audits

 Voiceover for the Partially Sighted Do you know how well your website is performing for you? The pace at which website design and technology moves on now is staggering.   Many websites fall behind in their SEO, and in its general appearance. We are here to audit your website We offer a free website…

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Achieving the seemingly impossible 900 624 79DESIGN Ltd

Achieving the seemingly impossible

Yesterday (Tuesday) was one of those days when things just aren’t all going to plan.  We had a situation of an ecommerce website that had an upsell section added to it. So you see the product page you are on, with Buy Now, price and so on – the usual things.  But within that, are…

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