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What makes it a better service? 1024 683 79DESIGN Ltd

What makes it a better service?

How difficult really is it to respond to a client’s messages or their team’s messages within a reasonable space of time? It’s a question we asked today when working for a number of clients in London who had different people…

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uptime monitoring
Do you know when your site is down? 900 526 79DESIGN Ltd

Do you know when your site is down?

Here at 79DESIGN we occasionally get reports from clients that their website might have issues.  Be it because of their domain having expired, or ever that they ran an update on their site, and it crashed it – making it…

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cdn lincolnshire images cloud
Ever heard of a CDN? 855 425 79DESIGN Ltd

Ever heard of a CDN?

We forgive you all if you answered “no” to that question – why would you know what a CDN is?  But the fact is, they are pretty damn important when it comes to websites, SEO, and the speed of loading…

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404 fast website setup
Fast Website Setup Needed 750 523 79DESIGN Ltd

Fast Website Setup Needed

There are times when you need a website setting up real quick; it can be for many reasons: current host no longer supports you issue with site that has crashed it hacked website needs taking over professionally SEO is so…

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https ssl hosting
Let’s discuss SSL and HTTPS 900 643 79DESIGN Ltd

Let’s discuss SSL and HTTPS

Some websites are Secure, and some area shows in Google Chrome as ‘Not Secured’.  Is it important?  Does it make that much difference, particularly if your site is not commerce, and not even processing any forms?  Let’s discuss SSL and…

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