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extra secure website hosting
Extra Secure Website Hosting 800 533 Editor

Extra Secure Website Hosting

We recently had a meeting with someone about website hosting, and the security issues they had – so we thought we might give you a little extra information here about…

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lincolnshire jetpack wordpress
Let’s talk about Jetpack 1024 501 Editor

Let’s talk about Jetpack

Jetpack is something that most website owners won’t be aware of, but the majority of designers will! Jetpack can help in so many ways Let’s take a look at a few…

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lincolnshire social media marketing
Outsource your Social Media Marketing 700 393 Editor

Outsource your Social Media Marketing

Could this New Year be the one we do many things – many great things.  Making big decisions.  Many involving our personal lives from fitness to changes at home.  But…

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website seo auditor
Your Website SEO Auditor 1024 528 Editor

Your Website SEO Auditor

Soon be 2019, or it might be 2019 when you read this.  Maybe it’s time to get your website’s Google position sorted out.  Appearing on page 3 or 4… or…

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successful lincs website designer
A day in the life…. 750 470 Editor

A day in the life….

So what does a website designer do?  Apart from “they design websites“… no not really.  Much more that in fact! So I’m Simon, and I thought I’d write this little…

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compare weebly wordpress
Weebly Websites – is WordPress better? 1024 683 Editor

Weebly Websites – is WordPress better?

In the last few months we have had a lot of enquiries about Weebly – it’s as though suddenly Weebly just optimised websites really badly.  We cannot confirm this of…

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ecommerce web designer
Sell Online – much easier! 950 627 Editor

Sell Online – much easier!

It’s that time of year when businesses begin to take a fresh look at how they do things.  Is the website up to scratch?  Does it look good or rubbish…

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business development
Business Development with your Website 1024 575 Editor

Business Development with your Website

Your business – in this day and age – is not complete without a great looking website, and a website that looks small on a phone, is not great.  This…

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