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Working with some new WordPress theme tools 1024 486 79DESIGN Ltd

Working with some new WordPress theme tools

In the past week we have been working hard with a new client on their ecommerce shopping platform, with Wordpress. This platform is incredibly adaptable, meaning we can put huge banners or functions anywhere we want on their website, from…

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79design bubbles
All new 79DESIGN Homepage 1024 427 79DESIGN Ltd

All new 79DESIGN Homepage

We have been working hard on many projects recently, including upgrading our own homepage. It’s now faster to load, more information on screen at one time, and much easier to find the information you are looking for, all thanks to improvement…

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wordpress security
WordPress Security in the media 1024 384 79DESIGN Ltd

WordPress Security in the media

There has been fairly widespread news in the media recently about Wordpress, and wide-scale hacking going on with websites that don’t have up to date security on them.  We have been asked about this, if it affects them; so we…

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shopify compare Wordpress
Shopify – how does it compare with WordPress? 1024 592 79DESIGN Ltd

Shopify – how does it compare with WordPress?

We have recently been asked about Shopify websites for ecommerce, and how they compare with Wordpress. Both are similar.  Both have admin logins and screens, and both have theme options and settings.  This is about our opinion, based on information…

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How much does a website cost – give me a price 1024 474 79DESIGN Ltd

How much does a website cost – give me a price

There are a number of things we get asked when someone calls or live chat’s us about a website; can we host it for them, how long does it take to build one, but the main one is about website…

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blog html training
Does someone need Web Design HTML Training? 1024 576 79DESIGN Ltd

Does someone need Web Design HTML Training?

HTML training can be found online.  Learning various steps.  But sometimes you just want someone to sit down with you, a member of your family, or member of your class, who is perhaps struggling, and go through the basics. Do…

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website html training
Huge Dynamic Challenge, Completed 1024 486 79DESIGN Ltd

Huge Dynamic Challenge, Completed

In recent weeks, in fact just before Christmas, we were given a website challenge by a major client of ours.  The challenge was to create a tool for Stock Banners. We do websites with Wordpress, but we do many that are…

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new year - new website
New Year – New Website? 1024 413 79DESIGN Ltd

New Year – New Website?

It’s 2017, and maybe you have an old website, and you are thinking… now is the time to make it right.  Now is the time, this New Year, 2017, to have a fabulous website, run by the best local web…

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