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Wordpress websites, easy, quickly setup, responsive

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Wordpress Sites, Managed

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wordpress websites

Our Wordpress websites are responsive and quick to setup

We have built websites from the point of 'agreement', to going live, inside just two weeks. This includes receiving your logo (and sometimes us customizing it for you), receiving the content for your pages, creating the site, customizing it for you, and going live on our servers.

These are just a few of the fantastic things we can do with your next Wordpress website. Beautifully designed and laid out ecommerce websites, to smaller sites that are all about the information and photography.


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We can create your Wordpress website in a matter of weeks, from our Lincolnshire studio.

Based in Spalding, South Lincolnshire, we can bring your websites to life with Wordpress quickly, easily, effectively and best of all, with local support here in town.

One of the growing methods to create websites today is with Wordpress, customised to look just how you like it. With your logo added, and the ability to add and update any pages you have on your website, all via Wordpress tools. We are highly experience with Wordpress. We can tweak the settings, enable new posts to be broadcast on your social media too. On mobile devices, it looks stunning, and blissfully easy to navigate and ready pages - no troublesome 'pinch to zoom' issues.

What can be done with Wordpress?

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Highly Recognised as finest Blog system


Finest Blogging System

Wordpress is recognised as probably the finest blogging website system available. We can install it for you and get it up and running.

Hosted Wordpress Website


Hosted Wordpress Website

We can host the Wordpress website for you as well, installing the software and setting up the emails and design.

Easily upload your media


Easily upload your Photos and Files

With Wordpress you can upload your photos and video fast and easily. Adding images to your Pages and Posts has very straightforward.

Adjust settings and Plugins


Adjust settings and Plugins - many are free

Styles and themes can be installed, and plugins to enable the site to do more of what you want it to do.

Colors and Brand


Easily Set your Colors and Brand

We can tweak the colouring and styling to be more 'on brand' for you. To get the menu colours correct, footer, logo sizing and so on.

SEO Support Tools


SEO Supportive Tools and Settings

SEO Tools to help ensure your pages and posts are using keywords effectively, on text and images.

Easily share on Social Media


Social Media Sharing Tools

Using highly effective tools, we can set new Posts to broadcast the images, content and link to blog on your Social Media Channels.

"It was back in April when we decided we must have a church website. We obtained several quotes and we chose Simon at 79DESIGN because he responded promptly, was very easy to talk to, quickly grasped what we wanted, and seemed to cope with our need for the idiot's guide to creating a website. In the ensuing months Simon has been great - patient, a good listener and not afraid to make suggestions and he has enabled us to create something that has a sense of the ethos of our church and its place in the community."
Janet, Sutterton Parish Church, Sutterton, Lincolnshire

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