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Lincolnshire Wordpress Training and Tutoring

wordpress training and trainer in lincolnshire

Providing Lincolnshire with a Wordpress Trainer Expert

Getting started with Wordpress isn't always easy; based in Lincolnshire, we show you how to get the most out of your Wordpress website at a place local and easy for you.

79DESIGN is delighted to offer Wordpress training, mostly in a one-to-one or small group fashion with a Wordpress Trainer, so you get the most out of your website. With vast experience in creating Wordpress websites, adding themes, updating them, and in exploring the SEO and layout side of things, we are perfectly placed to help you. From making it look right, ensuring you have the correct information, particularly for Search Engines, laying out images correctly, and having the right titles; right through to sitemaps!

Learn to use the Wordpress tools with our trainer

SEO is obviously key, so we show you how to use Wordpress free tools to "guide" you to getting the keywords per page, to be used correctly and effectively. We also show how to use the tools to broadcast new Blog posts to your social media, fast, quickly, easily, and in one easy click!

A few of the based Wordpress tool we teach

Create Pages and Posts

How to add Pages & Posts + differences

Correct titles and menus

Creating and altering menus to suit design.

Adding Images and Tags

Uploading images, adding SEO tags correctly

Contact Forms

Easy contact forms added, and altered

Fine Tuning

Using themes to fine tune design and styling

Social Media sharing

Connecting your website to social channels

Understand the key areas

Settings, appearance, users, media.

Managing Comments

Prevent spam, allowing the good ones

Medium Stages of Wordpress training

Install Sitemaps

What is a Sitemap and how to get it used

H1/H2 ?

Learn wha ta Header Tag is and suitable usage

Google Analytics

Tell Google about your traffic and watch it

Effective SEO Plugins

Using good SEO tools to aid improved SEO

Book Wordpress Training Online

The cost of booking Wordpress Training depends on the length of time required, and the distance you are from our based of Spalding. If you send us your details we will gladly supply you with a quotation for a few hours, a morning, or a day.

To discuss your new website, or an update to your existing website
To talk about us managing your blog, and processing news and posts
To talk about your website and how we can perhaps help with your SEO, improving the coding and overall results.
To see where we can help with your training - our first meeting could be the first hour of Wordpress training.
Training in writing and understanding HTML website code.
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Any time - let's arrange it

On receiving your booking, an email will be sent to you to confirm arrangements, or possibly alter it, to a mutually agreed time.

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Recent Wordpress Training News

University of Lincoln staff Wordpress Training

Just recently we were very proud to have been employed by the University of Lincoln to provide Wordpress Training to their Secretariat departments.

We worked closely with Marina leading up to the 'big day', and on the day she introduced Simon to her immediate colleagues, and provided them with a morning's training session. After lunch we then trained a further eight members of staff, not directly working with Marina, and taught them Wordpress almost from the ground up. It was a very enjoyable day, and Simon from 79DESIGN was felt most welcomed by them all.

To quote Marina from the Secretariat office, "We all found the training very interesting and feel inspired".

"I went to Simon, having easily found 79Design on Google with the intention of solving a few issues I was having developing the website for the Just Add ™ brand.

I came away however, having learnt a huge amount about Wordpress, SEO and the web generally which will be useful in so many future applications. I can't thank Simon and 79Design enough for all the help I received during the informal tutor sessions over the last month or so, I wouldn't have achieved or learnt half as much without it."
Lucy Chesworth, JDF Food Group, Lincolnshire

We like to sit down with you, see what you do know, so we can show you what you would like to learn. It work best in a one-on-one way, as we can concentrate out time on what you need to know about Word Press. You may have created (or had created for you) a Word Press site, but now you are a bit stuck. We can guide you through adding Pages, or Posts (there is a difference), adding images, and ensuring the Search Engines find you.

We do this in a relaxed environment; not a formal 'suit and tie' event. We can come to you and teach you.

Monthly Wordpress Training

If you would like to book several months of sessions, this can be arranged, to really get you up to speed on Wordpress and how to get the best out of it.

Wordpress Trainer

Your Wordpress Trainer will visit you in your Lincolnshire or Cambridgeshire location and teach you everything you need to know. If you are brand new at Wordpress, we can teach you the simple things. If you have had it a while, and you need a tutor to show you how to get your site on Google Analytics, and check some SEO tools, we can help you there as well.

Do you also need HTML Training?

We can teach HTML separately or with WP Training

being trained in html