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Looking for a Lincolnshire based web design HTML trainer? Here we are!

If you are just starting out in HTML, at school or college and you are a bit stuck, or you want additional tutoring, 79DESIGN is the company to hire for help. With over 15 years experience in website design, and the core HTML coding, we can go through what you may already know, and go from there in a tailored way.

Have you been shown <title> tags but not sure what they are? Have you been shown <h1>, known as 'Header Tags', but perhaps you don't know what they are, their true purpose, and why you should NEVER have more than one on a page?

In fact this page is using these tags, this paragraph is wrapped in a <p><p> tag - do you need to learn why?

Where would a HTML trainer, teach me?

We can come to your school, college or workplace. Or if this is a home visit, we can arrange that as well. If we are required to train a younger person, we ask that an adult be present at all times as well.

Training a younger person?

If we are required to train a younger person, we ask that an adult be present at all times as well. We have trained young people from the age of 12. It's entirely up to your feeling as to the suitable age for HTML training. If you would like us to visit first to meet and discuss your specific requirements, please do get in touch and we can arrange a visit for you.

Just some examples of what we could teach you

Correct usage of HTML tags

There are 1000s of tags - learn the starting at the basics, from headers and images, and work your way up.

Image Tags

Learn what the Image Tag is, how to alter it in HTML, sizing; borders; alt tags....

Creating Hyperlinks to pages

How do Hyperlinks appear, what can be customized in code, what is a 'nofollow' or a 'title' in the link?

What is the <head>

The <head> contains a lot of information. We show the basics, and step by step, we show more of what goes in there, specially for SEO.

Colors and Hex

Learn about colors - not just black and green, but 'hex' colours, and how to add them to backgrounds and fonts.

What's a H1 tag?

Vital in good SEO - learn the H1, and what H2, H3 etc are, and where they should go, and how to style them.

Image Sizing

You can adjust the size the image is displayed, in code. From fixed size, to a percentage - we show how in HTML and CSS.

Folder Structures

It's important to store files correctly, so you know where they are for future reference. We show you various structures.

Come on livechat and tell us what you need to learn. If your 'pupil' is struggling with HTML. Being told perhaps the wrong thing - or even if you are the teacher, and feel you might need some expert advice on 'correct' usage of these tags, and correct meaning behind them. Why many are vital for SEO, to be found on Google - so important today.

We do this in a relaxed environment; not a formal 'suit and tie' event. We can come to you and teach you.