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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Spalding

Improving your SEO is key to getting your website seen

79DESIGN in Spalding understands that your website needs to climb the ranks of Google and others, or it might need to improve things. This is where we step in, look at how your site is working now, and make an honest report on how we can help you.

This might entail increased pages, imagery, technical code updating, using YouTube, Wordpress blogging, creating a video, and going thru your web site to check for appropriate "technical" elements in your websites are correctly setup.

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Google Ranking


Google Ranking Levels

Google ranking is based on many factors, including correct Title positioning, Header placement, Meta usage, Image Tags, Video inclusion, homepage strength, and using Webmasters and Analytics.
We can do all this for you, and monitor it monthly

YouTube Channel


Videos on YouTube Channel

The more placement of your brand, the better. Having your own videos on your own YouTube Channel is a brilliant way to do this, and to attract clients to subscribe to it.
We can create your channel for you.



Wordpress website or Blog

This is recognised by search companies as a News System, so blogging is an integral part of your optimising. It also prevents your site becoming stagnant.
We can post blogs for you monthly, with full SEO.

Monitoring and Tweaking


Website Monitoring and adjustments

There are countless ways to adjust and fix your SEO. The items above are many core features. But we will monitor your site over a period of time, and help to improve it.
Keeping you informed..

youtube video

See our SEO video here

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