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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Spalding

IT Home Computer Support in Spalding, Holbeach, Bourne

Improving your SEO is key to getting your website seen

79DESIGN in Spalding understands that your website needs to climb the ranks of Google and others, or it might need to improve things. This is where we step in, look at how your site is working now, and make an honest report on how we can help you.

This might entail increased pages, imagery, technical code updating, using YouTube, Wordpress blogging, creating a video, and going thru your web site to check for appropriate "technical" elements in your websites are correctly setup.

Google Ranking

We update many factors of your site to help improve things.

YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube channel can help, with a G+ Account.


Recognised as the Leader in Blogging.

Monitoring and Tweaking

Let us monitor and adjust your website.

Getting your SEO correct - doing it right!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about improving the visibility of your website in various search engine rankings, without the need for adwords - known as Organic Ranking. It's the number one factor with any website - if it cannot be see, no one will find you when they search.

SEO Keywords specific to your industry

Just adding the right keywords is very important, but it is also about where you add them. This is where our expertise comes in. Using them in the right places, even hidden areas, can greatly improve your performance in many areas of the web.

High Page Ranking won't happen overnight...

When you have a new website, or a site that's ranking poorly, and have it improved, many hope that after just one week, their website will be "right up there". Not so. It takes a while for Google to re-index your pages and rank you based on the content. If your site doesn't post news very often, that it won't scan your site so often either. Give it time.

youtube video

See our SEO video here

Click here to view a brief video about this subject.