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so how does it work?

design process

It's what we do

Working together, to make something great

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Ok, here's what generally happens


Initiate conversation

You get in touch with us, asking how we can help you with your website. We often do this completely by phone, sometimes over livechat or email, and then we meet up.



You want to meet us - we want to meet you. Let's get together, and hear out all you have to say and want from your website or training. Go through what it is you need, what your ideal outcome would be. We make notes over a coffee, and establish what needs to be done for you.



After our meeting we will send you an email confirming all that was discussed. A quotation will be created, explaining everything that we will do for you, based on what you told us. From each page needed, images required, any Social Media needed - everything! Oh and the price, including hosting.


Your Time

This is your time to look through the quotation. Discuss with friends and colleagues, pick out any issues you have, things we may have missed. Take your time .... or do it fast if you want to get started ASAP.


Let us know your thoughts

Are we good to go, or do you have final tweaks? Is there a problem, is the colouring wrong, do you want to add something? This is that moment... just before the magic begins.


Let's go....

Assuming you would like to have 79DESIGN as your website designers, we will send you a deposit invoice, and we are off, working for you! We will keep you informed along the way. Email you requests such as information, content, imagery and so on.


Ready to go live?

This is where we are good to go live. Assuming any training needed has now been done, we go through a few "back end" processes to get it submitted to the various SEO platforms, request a monthly payment from you for hosting (if we are your host), and we go live, and submit the final invoice to you.