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iPhone & iPad Support in Spalding

iPhone Support in Spalding, Holbeach, Bourne

We can visit you to help you setup or use your iPhone or iPad

Everyone thinks an iPhone or iPad is easy to use. It is - but not to a non-tech person who is not use to it all. There is support available online, and this can be very useful indeed. Many folks have these devices so can help you. But if you are stuck, and you need someone to come see you, sit down and go through your issues, let us know. We can help with your iPhone or iPad.


Adding contacts, and syncing with iPad

Closing Apps

We show you how to close all apps or just some apps

Battery Usage

Best practice for usage to ensure you don't use too much battery power.


Want to sync phone with car, or headset? We can show you how.

These are just a few of the things we can show you, but you may have other issues, or need things setting up.
We are here to help with most tasks on your devices.

Landline: 01733 641079

Available 9am-5.30pm

Mobile: 07521 488074

Available 9am-late

Easy Budget Costs
First Hour
Every 30 mins after

Would really recommend Simon at 79 Design for all his help and support with my PC. As a ‘ senior citizen ‘ I really did need his help ( and patience ) and he has really given me confidence in my ability using my PC to my to it’s best advantage. Anybody who needs help and support go to Simon and you will not regret it.
Dave, Lincolnshire

How much is it?

For Home Computer Support, we charge £30 for the first hour, and £10 per hour thereafter.
We feel this is a unique and very fair way of charging.
Time on site: one hour, 15 mins: £40.
Time on site: one hour, 35 mins: £50.

Got a quick burning question?

Click on our livechat at the bottom right of the screen, and you can chat live with us - it's free, and no cameras are used. Purely to see if we can help quickly, and then perhaps a visit is needed.

Do you want to Facetime?

With people living apart, but with very easy access to the Internet, we can help you to use Facetime to call someone.

Anti Virus Software

Apple device have their own, but we can assure you of this.

What we don't do ...

We are not specialists in fixing your computer if you have a virus. These are handled by specialist IT people who can access areas of your machine and investgate the cause behind such a problem. Our specialism is in training - teaching you how to do things. We can often help fix issues with software, but we are not anti virus firewall support specialists.