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FAQ: Questions... answered.

We are regularly asked certain key questions about having a website; how long does it take to build, what's the cost, do we host..... so here are some of those questions already answered for you. If you need to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

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This is something we have been asked many times, and the simple answer, is YES.

Both these companies (definitely Yell/Hibu) have to have your domain registered with them, as well as the hosting with them.  You cannot just 'point' the domain over to us.

But they make it quite easy to transfer.  You just ask them to cancel the domain and that you want to move it.  They send you an email asking for the 'IPS tag', which is the tag associated with your new registrar.

We generally use 34SP or 123Reg.  34SP especially have a very easy system to help you transfer.
Once Yell are informed of the details, you go to a special Domain Transfer page with 34SP (which we will provide) and tell them all the details of your new account (again, we can provide much of that).  Then you create a free account, and in a couple of days, the site points to our systems.

There is NO charge for doing this.  The only costs involved for you, as hosting at our end, and of course us doing your new website.  But Yell, Vista and both 34SP and 123Reg will NOT charge you for this transfer.

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Yes we can.  We manage Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts for various companies.  This can include adding or changing the cover photo, avatar image, linking it to the website, answering incoming Messages and Notifications.  Visit our Social Media Marketing page for details.

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Yes we can.  Your domain name is possibly held with another company, so we can point it to our hosting.  If it is with Yell, then it takes a little more time, but it can still be moved away should you wish to have us look after your new website for you.

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Yes we can.  First task is to find a new more suitable theme for you.  Sometimes these can be a little time consuming to get them setup correctly, and your version of Wordpress might not be compatible with it.  But yes, we can help with that.

As every customer and their needs are unique, for us to provide an accurate quote, please contact us to discuss what you'd like from your web site, and what you'd like it to do.

This depends of course on what you need from a site. A basic 5-10 pager, just showing your address, various pages of information, and design, would take a week or two. A lot also depends on the speed at which we receive content and media from yourself to add to the website.  One site may take a week, but we have known websites to take several months because of various delays that are out of our hands.  We manage all this though, to make the setup easy for you.  Visit our Start a Website page, and let's get you started.

Yes we do.  We partner with one of the best in the business, who are solely UK based, in Manchester.  We know them by name and they know us.  We can manage all your hosting from our systems.

This is where we thrive!  We can setup an online shop for you within a matter of weeks to a month.  We just need your logo (or we can create one for you), your colour preferences, styling (based in your logo, or desires), and we get to work.  We have huge experience in this, from locally run shops, to very large global shops that sell across the World.  Please visit our Online Shop Websites page for lots more information.  If you need more, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Yes of course.  There are a number of very basic things that we do to get your seen, including sitemaps, and the right titles on pages.  But as part of our monthly support packages, we run checks, tweak your website, and look for all the extra areas needed.

We pride ourselves in offering first class support, 7 days a week. For some clients, it is 24 hours a day, since some of our web sites have fantastically high traffic, and need to have issues resolved around the clock. We are there for you, when you need us. Our office telephone number is 01733 641 079 (for new clients, and support), and our support email address is support@79design.org.uk. Our clients have a contact number to get through to us 24/7.

Yes - we can help you with that. All you need is a PayPal account, or Worldpay.  Then we can connect that to our ecommerce systems very easily indeed.

Yes we do - it's one of our key services.  We can visit you at your workplace for a few hours, or one evening at your convenience.  Some folks have a list of tasks they want to learn, while others just want to learn the basics, and see where they might be going wrong.  Visit our Wordpress Training page for further details.

Most definitely. Our services range from top-end e-commerce web sites, to the more personal individual web sites. We have produced these for years. Go to Contact us, and fill out the form and tell us what you are looking for - or give us a call during working hours.

More than likely, yes. Our specialities are in certain web site language (how they are written). A Greek specialist cannot help with a Spanish written document. It's the same with us. Often it's easier for us to re-write your web site at a very reasonable cost, then we can fully manage it for you in the future and take good care of you around the clock.

Yes we certainly can. Creating 'groups' on those social networks is relatively simple, as are adding plugins and links to your web site to show what's 'live' in your group.

Very easily - whether it is a custom website, or a Wordpress ecommerce system, you have full control to add and content, as well as images as and when you choose.

As a rule - no. But if something comes up for a client, and we are in a position to help, we always do. Our support is very fast, and have often helped clients at midnight and even the early hours of the morning. We are always here to help if and when you need us.

Gallery photos can be set with a limit, but as a rule we do not limit how many photos you want to add.  We have websites with product pages showing 15 images!!

Sadly no.  These services require very specific server capabilities, and for mail shots, it requires print and expert mailing handling. We can however offer a first class company that provides such a service, based in Cambridgeshire.  If you need their details, please do get in touch with us.

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