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Creating a blog using Wordpress on your own website - let us help you

One of the things that really helps a website grow, is having a blog. A "blog" is essentially a News website. If your website is built on Wordpress, it's easy to integrate it. If your website is not on Wordpress, it's still straightforward, but requires Wordpress to be installed for you. We can do that. We can get your blog setup, and once that is done, can either write your social media blogs for you or train you to use Wordpress yourself. Your site will then grow more, and being crawled more regularly because the search engines will notice an increase in pages and content on your website.

What are the benefits of a blog?

Increased website pages

More posts means more content - better!

More submissions to Social Media

Each Post will broadcast to Social Media

People may follow you

As news and SM broadcasts grow, so might your readership.

Get your ideas out there

Let's post your amazing ideas and news for others to see.

Show off your video productions

Embed videos into your Posts.

Create a buzz

See if you can go viral - get Blogging!

We are not a fan of certain cards you can buy really cheaply online, that are flimsy, or have random content on the backs. These are highly professionally made, and superb quality, ultra sharp print. These are generally printed for our existing website clients, for whom we have also provided logos. But if you need the whole package, then you have found the right company!