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We are so pleased you have decided to book some time with us. We find sitting down with you to discuss your requirements, invaluable, and appreciate your time.

Select the purpose of the meeting, a date, and preferred time, plus a little information around the meeting, and we will email to confirm. We can often meet at your location, or at a convenient place in Spalding.

Subject of Meeting:
To discuss your new website, or an update to your existing website
To talk about us managing your blog, and processing news and posts
To talk about your website and how we can perhaps help with your SEO, improving the coding and overall results.
To see where we can help with your training - our first meeting could be the first hour of Wordpress training.
Training in writing and understanding HTML website code.
Great, let's show you how to use your computer effectively, and get the best out of it.
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Any time - let's arrange it

On receiving your booking, an email will be sent to you to confirm arrangements, or possibly alter it, to a mutually agreed time.