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Blog Management - we can manage your Blog posts

wordpress blog management

Whatever you have to say, it's worth blogging about to boost your audience

Most think a Blog is only good for the odd news item. Not true. Blogging shows "activity" on your website, information changing, NEW information being added, potential help and support to new and existing clients. Don't shy away from the power of a Wordpress Blog!

Managing your Blog can be time-consuming - let the expert do your Blogs

With a blog on your website, you have a place to publish and promote great content, attract new website visitors, and engage your existing customers day-after-day, and Google sees a Blog as news and it helps with your ranking.

That's exactly why you need blog management, from this Spalding based web design company!

If you are lucky, your team has 2-4 hours available every day to write one great blog post. This includes editing the blog post, looking for some powerful and relational images to include with your blog post. They also have to build links to your internal website pages, format the blog post so it is fully SEO correct, publish the blog post and then promote the blog post.

Wordpress Training

Our Wordpress Training services provides you with the skills to effectively manage your website. If you want to know how to add Posts, add Pages, Manage menus, are you adding media correctly, are you using the Wordress SEO tools correctly; these are all areas we can cover in your custom training session.

We are here to help with your blog management

79DESIGN offers monthly packages to do all your blogging for you on your Wordpress Blog. This means we can use the content you provide (as you are the experts in your own field), and we will ensure the correct keywords are used in all the right places. This helps with Google ranking as well. Correctly writing a blog with the appropriate keywords and information really helps.

What blog management do we do?

Creating Posts


Creating Posts for your website

Taking your content and information you supply, we will turn your information into a Post on your Blog.

Upload Images and files


Upload Images and files to your Library

Menus, photos, documents - we will upload them to be used on your blog posts.

Managing Social Media output


Social Media broadcasts for you

We can connect your Blog to social media, so new Posts are broadcast to all channels.

Titles set correctly


Titles set correctly for Headers and Menu

Even the titles are your blog posts can be important, to capture the keywords of the subject matter.

Editing images to be used


Editing images to be used for size & tags

Your photographed images might be huge, need lightening, or cropping - we can do that.

Fine Tuning


Fine Tuning your Blog Posts

There are many adjustments to be made to a blog, to really get it right - reading ease, tags, lots to tweak!

Monthly packages to suit budget


Monthly blog packages to suit costs

We tailor our blog packages to suit your budget. From one a month, to many, plus message replies.

Updating your Blog System


We can manage your Blog security

While updating and processing your blogs, we can monitor the plugins and security, keeping your blog or website up to date.

You don't have a blog

It is still amazing to see business websites that don't have a blog. The fact is if you don't have a blog, your only opportunities for increasing website traffic and attracting new customers are going to be through your main site, and that won't include news you might have, or having your promotional content broadcast on social media.

We always urge blogging at least once a month. Google scans your site more often as it will see regular updates and new pages on your website. It is extremely important.

You don't blog frequently enough

Apart from not having a blog at all, the next worse thing is not blogging at all, or only a few every so often. You have a great looking blog installed and setup, but your last post went up three months ago. Imagine the negative perception your potential customers have when they find out your blog has nothing new, and you have nothing to say.

We sit down with you and go through what keywords and terms you want to push. Then between you and us, design how many blogs you wish to have each month, and come up with a package that suits your budget. This might be a maximum term, or long term. Whatever suits you.